Advice Needed for Enacting Vengeance

Why does everything major related to my ascent occur in the shower?

Today I stepped forth on the path of Vampirism. I had siphoned off large chunks of energy from a variety of friends of the family. It was working brilliantly hand in hand with the Black Sun ritual, and I could feel myself gaining more energy and livelihood as I fed. I use psi-balls as my means of feeding, and if you count Psionics as part of the arcane I’ve been a practitioner since September (though I hardly use machines).

I know what a foreign presence feels like, to sum it up.

I had been playing Diablo III when I felt eyes boring into my back and my psi-balls blocked from returning. I sighed and reached out for a connection, and did discover a foreign entity in the room. I gathered energy and banished it quickly. Little did I know that I probably should’ve looked for a ritual, because my simple spell was temporary.

When I went into the shower, I felt the spirit watching me and, being a practitioner of psionics, attempted to communicate with it. It didn’t want to go away. So I ignored it, but it then began to attack me. The attacks were slow, but I felt them. Three depressions appeared on a foot, looking kind of like bite marks, my began to pound as if it were a wardrum, and something latched onto my lower left back. I found it to be the entity, which through my vague astral sight I could see as a blue fog.

I used myself as an exchange system of sorts, gathering a large amount of energy and blasting it out in the exact spot. That drove it off. Immediately I mended my astral wounds, but still have the marks on my feet. I whipped up a shield layer, one with tornado-like force to repel attacks, and it hasn’t happened since.

I listen to music often, so I generally have headphones on. But that doesn’t make me deaf to hair raising calls for my name by unknown voices. I have a gut feeling that this is another practitioner, toying with me. And I want to take my turn.

So I need advice. Sigil magic, psionics, something for breaking this person. I don’t like being toyed with. I’ve already consulted Uncle Chuckie, but he seems to pair most of his major works with radionics- something I don’t have access to.

What I’m asking for is some advice for enacting vengeance, whether or not this is a spirit or a person. If a spirit, I’d like to crush it. If a person, I’m feeling like widespread pain should be caused.

But I’m new. I don’t have any arcane idea for combating it. So I’m reaching out.

EDIT: I’ve never had a history of mental illness, so I’ve ruled that out. I also fear that I’m too weak to actually do mental combat. And, a question to someone seasoned: Could this have anything to do with me beginning the Black Sun ritual? I only started yesterday.

Attacks are kind of a sore subject 'round these parts. It seems like ever month or so someone claims to have been attacked and alludes to it possibly being a forum member. Not saying you weren’t attacked or trying to down play it at all, it just seems to be a common sight these last few months.

You mentioned that you were vamping people, perhaps you angered a vampiric spirit by taking the food right out of its mouth?

In any event I recommend some divination first. Then once you find out what it is you will be better prepared for it.

Then Michael works just fine :slight_smile:

I hope it wasn’t a forum member- in my eyes, that would probably be more difficult to handle than a vampiric spirit. But looking over the evidence, the later seems likely, though I’ve never truly detected a vampire spirit. Maybe it had something to do with the amount of people in the house, and a combo of the Black Sun + my vampirism? Are vampiric spirits attracted to those kinds of things?

Thinking about your situation I would second what Orismen already said.

You need to know what you are dealing with, so do some Divination.

Your description of feeling too weak to deal with mental combat I think is a bald faced lie. Perhaps the spirit who attacked you caused this limiting belief /illusion. Earlier you mention how your defenses were very effective, just not permanent. Continue to use those things that work, over and over. You will gain confidence and their power will increase eventually to the point of being stronger than this attacker.

I used to hear voices calling my name. I started keeping a journal recording the times, locations, etc. I discovered over time that those moments were when other people were having conversations about or including me, in distant places. They were not attacks. It’s just that I was tuned in to an extent with those people that my inner awareness picked it up.

Choosing to follow the path of Magick, you will continually come upon non-ordinary and strange situations like you’re describing. Developing a strong, stable mind state and control of your emotions can be of great benefit, allowing you to act from a position of power and choice rather than being the victim of others manipulations or attacks. Two ways to advance in this area are practicing mindfulness, and working on the black and white soul mirrors mentioned in IIH.

I appreciate the advice. My readings have been mixed so far (probably because life has been stressing me out) but the line I’ve quoted interests me. What’s IIH? I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of it.

Initiation into Hermetics, by Franz Bardon.

Thank you for the clarification. I’ll be sure to check it out, and report with results.

EDIT: Well, it took a bit of time and a delve into the Black Sun (Which rewarded me with an invocation for only 5 days of work- that normal?) and I identified my problems. Four, to be specific. Three dead males and something else. Utilizing the meditation that I received from the Black Sun, I was able to not only expel all four entities but place a “lock” on the premises, preventing them from entering again.


I’m also ascending much faster now, for no particular reason: I’m starting to get more magical senses, but I’ve never worked particularly on a single path.

Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile: