Advice, Initiation in a lhp coven

Hi, so I have the opportunity to have some upcoming meetings to be vetted in joining a lhp coven…
Im not sure what questions or what exactly generally they’ll be looking for to be vetted into a coven, but I dont want to screw this so what advice experience or knowledge can you give me and what to expect. (Aside obviously dedication…) so I want to be prept. ( Although Ill be asking some of these questions anyway.)
Also what generally does the initiation intail?
Has anyone here has experience. Thanks. Really greatful.

This is something that’s different for every group. There is no standard for what covens look for. The best advice i can give is to just do you. If you “mess it up” then it’s likely you are not a good fit for the coven or the coven isn’t a good fit for you.


Just be wary when joining any groups. I joined a pagan study group that would occasionally offer workshops years back. In the beginning I loved it but as time went on I couldn’t do it anymore. It was very draining and they spent most of their time warning newcomers about similar groups. Protect your energy when dealing with these groups.

It wasn’t all bad. I learned alot. I stay away from ongoing groups now. Though I am not opposed to going to workshops.


But what are standard things that would be normal to be asked to do in an initiation?
Like Ive heard some wicca initiations they go naked in a forest for example. Or neednt it be that extreem?

I think it’s unlikely you’ll be initiated and admitted to the coven right away. Normally there (should be…) a period in which you meet and interact with each other to see if you can get along and if they (and you) really want to become that close.
So there should eb time enough for you to think about it and do research. BTW information on these initiations nowadays is easily available on da Google.

That is not extreme, it’s stupid. Wiccans like to pretend that they are following an ancient tradition of European witchcraft, you should not take them as examples of serious occultism.

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