Advice from a Succubus: Find the Hinge

I was communicating with my succubus earlier today, and she made a reference to something she thought I should change in my life. I thought for a moment, then decided she was right, but that it was fairly low-priority at the moment, and so I responded with, “You’re correct, but one thing at a time.” Her response was, “No, that’s what you keep getting wrong. Do many things at one time. Find the [hinge/root/convergence]* and attack it.”

Obvious, and a simple concept, but one that I’m realizing I never actually apply, and need to, not just in organizing my magical projects, but also in other aspects of my life. I thought maybe others would benefit from this point as well.

  • I sometimes get a clear idea that comes through as multiple words at once - it almost seems as if the communication I’m getting from spirits is pure ideation, and my brain is just automatically clothes it in words. And sometimes there is no one word to associate with a given thought. With this idea, I have a clear idea of tracing several things back to their connection and source, like roots, then setting fire to it so that the flame goes down multiple paths at once.
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That’s just beautiful, holy crap, so perfectly what I needed to read… I was just watching some TV and thinking that right now, I have the expanded grimoire of my Child to work on, I have some stuff for the Archangel Raphael to complete, I have this work evoking my subconcious AND also the breakthrough Union experience I had that I’m still feeling the effects from and plan to push a little further in the next few days.

And I was thinking, “Waah, I just want to put my feet up and read” but yeah - all these aspects at once converge to create a huge arrow pointing to the hinges, maybe like an axis point, that I have to address to push towards my goal of commanding the powers of a goddess, within my lifetime.


Amazing timing, thank you and thanks to your succubus as well! :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it, and I’ll be sure to pass along your thanks!

I’ve struggled with this myself, if you start doing different things of a more magickal or at least spiritual nature at once it tends to become an energetic mess, I think most of us have learned to isolate what we work on because of that (conscious or unconscious). Even reading things from very different perspectives at the same time gives me a headache (makes it hard to actually apply the teachings).

One solution is to have the things you work on all in the same vein or sphere of influence. For example in Arkhilokhus case, working to deepen the connection with your spirit, writing or instructing about it, making internal changes in alignment with that empowerment in mind, shifting evocation work to fit your personal spirit into the ritual etc… they all serve the same set of intents yet allow you to reach out and touch more things. Just some thoughts :slight_smile:

Some things work well for others, and sometimes for others they don’t. At this point, there seems to be advice that lends to you spreading your capability to do different things. For others, like myself, my mind tends to see the connection in some many things, that I can’t even do one. So while for me, it seems that I have garnered all I can from being spread out, you might have milked singular things for all they are worth.

In that vein, perhaps it might not be that you aren’t doing enough things, but rather that what you do do is compartmentalized to just one thing, when it can be cleaning/strengthening/refining many things. For example, if we take my example, I found myself immersed in so many techniques that were apparently meant for different skills. This exercise trained this skill, this technique trained that skill, another techniques builds a different skill, etc.,. However, when I cleared my focus to actually practice just one technique, I held the intent that I was doing this in a effort to build a number of skills.

In doing such, even though I did not expect a certain technique to do more than I thought it could do, I wound up increasing my proficiency in a number of skills that I had no idea would benefit from just practicing that one skill. I was thinking to myself, “Hey, I need to start practicing something, and even if it won’t get at all the skills, it will at least get me in the habit of practicing so that I can approach those skills.” By doing so, I found intrinsic benefits in practicing techniques that I never knew were there.

So it depends on what’s going on with you on multiple levels. Either way, you have gotten a message that primes you to approach things differently, and it seems like she was straightforward enough to give you a clear response and set of advice. It’s always good to have that type of interface available to you!

I use this approach too, so does the world. If you see, the financial system, social media, politics, they all work like this. One thing is tied to many things, and many things are tied to other many things, and so on. You might like to read about Kottler’s Marketing 3.0 concept, it regards exactly this, the many-to-many interaction.

Also, when you find that convergence, you can notice how the energy flow is stronger there. If you master that convergence, you master that stronger energy.

I perceive this also. Have you noticed how we receive information from spirits just as we exchange energy with them? And that if we stop the energy exchanging, we stop the whole communication? You seem to have the capability of understanding in silence, cool!

If we consider the energies of the source more indiferentiated, and thus the creations closer to it more tied toghether, then based on what you said here seems like you’re closer to the source.

Yes, I do have a tendency to focus so intensely on the details of what I want to manifest that I get into a “can’t see the forest for the trees” mindset. So on a basic level, this is very clear and simple advice - not easy, because applying it means changing a habit of thought, but that’s a matter of discipline and consistency. I’ll probably end up displaying that quote from her somewhere prominent in my room just to keep the habit going.

Indeed it is - the fact that a seemingly off-hand comment from her can cause me to re-evaluate, and hopefully improve, my basic organizational approach gives credence to her claim that she can “advise me on many things”.

Ah, that sounds like something I definitely want to examine. So finding these convergences is not merely a matter of organizational efficiency, but also of increasing power of manifestation?

Yes, I’ve noticed that. It can make for a bit of a challenge, since I find feeding the spirit energy, or as I see it, structuring, and also interacting with the spirit can be a test of my multi-tasking skills. But I seem to get better at it each time.

And with sigil communication (open a sigil, ask questions, record answers) there almost seems to me a feeling of light possession by the spirit - I notice this especially with Belial, where there is a moment after the session where I can feel that heaviness detach itself from me, as if he is stepping back out of me.

I’ve also noticed that in evocation, the voices of the spirits take on a distinctly metallic tone, which doesn’t seem to happen in sigil communication. Not sure why this is, but I’ve started to take it as a sign of success in evocation.

Pretty much that, but its also easier to see your manifestation imploding instead of giving good fruit. Resorting on mundane analogy again, in economics theres the PMI, thats is a number btw 0 and 100, where below 50 indicates retraction of the economy, while above 50 indicates expansion. You have to keep the PMI of the operation above 50.

Working with convergences is much like croudsourcing an egregore. The more people feeding it, the more energy it has and the more important it becomes to the system where it is inserted, in the case of your personal convergences, the more mechanisms/parts of your psyche are tied in the same convergence, the more important and more energetic it is. We have a well-know example of this, its called God.

This is really good information which I did not possess. Thank you.

However, this bit prompts another question:

Does this mean that convergences/egregores require more energy to bigger they get? And is there a point where they become self-sustaining (I’m think of something like a nuclear reactor)?

Even though its usually true that bigger organisms require more energy to their functioning and further development, perhaps there are some beings capable of fleeing that limitation, but I never seen such a thing, thats just speculation. But what I meant with the PMI thing is more like beating gravity, so you can stand on your feet and dont get crushed by it. The same goes to those convergences: you either master them, or get overwhelmed by them.

And on self-sustainment, yeah, its possible. You can make it ‘self-sustainable’ by making it feed off external sources, or you can create a perpetual motion-based egregore, or at least something close to that. Fact is that egregores aint much my forte, so I cant be helpful on this topic.

Now, if you’re talking about egregores that are mechanisms of your psyche, I suggest you not to alter those like this, for this may cause compulsion/vicious behaviour, besides making it harder to undergo psychological transformations as you undergo your evolutionary path.

I dont know if this may be useful at all, but the way I handle my psyche is by trying to break throught its/my limitations, instead of trying to simply bypass them with fabricated artifacts.

I can see that. It’s interesting to reflect on the number of times in my life I have been overwhelmed, either through ignorance, inattention or simple sloth.

I agree. My experience as an astrologer has taught me to see nativities as patterns with multiple possible expressions, so that creating one’s life becomes a creative act and a work of art, based on certain limited and given conditions. I’m currently seeking the possibility of transcending those limits, and the creation of a multitude of extra patterns to balance out planetary, elemental and other forces in the psyche seems an ineffective way to accomplish that.

It’s rather similar to using astrology to effect material change. Certainly a knowledge of the timing of various cycles allows one to choose the opportune moment for acting in a way that can seem quite magical (as the Goetia says, “[magicians], because of their skill, know how to anticipate an effect, the which to the vulgar shall seem to be a miracle.”). Still, this requires an acquiescence to the limitations and timing of the cycles themselves. I suppose that is the way of RHP - returning to the rhythms of nature and all that. But I want to transcend those cycles, so that my will is done regardless of the planetary hour, natal potential, or what progressions and transits may be active. Perhaps it’s inevitable that freedom of being must precede freedom of action, if indeed there is any difference between them.

The closest I come to having a concept for this is to see the planets, and then the wider movements of the contellations, as being like lenses through which the Source energy is filtered, and just as RHP people are often advised to place all their faith in the Lord and not worry about such things, so on the LHP the godhood shining our bright and clear within you transcends those filters that affect the common run of things.

Except that it doesn’t sound quite as pompous in my head, where it’s mainly images! :smiley:

I dislike the voices/words that you cant feel inside ones head, they kind of pass by you, half vision half almost dream but you still remember them. I like to feel the voices so to speak.