Advice for productivity & Taking action

Would like to know what I could do in terms of magick to get more control over my life and maximize my potential. I have lots of goals and aspirations, plan my days out accordingly but have trouble covering everything I’m supposed to do. Basically I’d like to work as hard as possible. Any suggestions?

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Improve your senses, work with the right god, be active and lots lots of positivity


You don’t need any help to work as hard as you can.

You just do it.

Instead of trying to find an easy way out. Just do the work.

I’m sort of new to magick and also going through a similar dilemma. Hopefully, you might discover something of value in my findings.

Drinking coffee at least three times a day makes me more productive. It’s imperative not to devote too much time preparing and sipping it. My preferred method in the mornings is an espresso made from ground medium roasted beans. No sugar or milk. This accomplishes two things: One, the bitterness highjacks the tastebuds and therefore stimulates electrical currents down the spine. Two, the caffeine, which is around 100mg, wakes up cognitive processes. Later, if I’m feeling lethargic, I’ll have another espresso around 1:00pm. Most of the time I’ll brew a strong cup of coffee around 5:00pm. This keeps me alert until 12am or 1am.

Having an established reward system increases results. Before initiating a frustrating task, I ask myself, “What do I want right now?” It has to be something fair. When I have it in mind, I then follow through with the tedious task and reward myself afterwards with that food, object, or activity. It’s a basic approach that doesn’t require too much overthinking.

Anger utilized as an energy works for me. Although it’s very easy to become addicted to it. When I use it accordingly however it makes me powerful. Perhaps working with war deities will help you.

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