Advice For Learning To Manipulate Energy

Here are two of my favorite methods for practicing energy manipulation, combined into one. This can be useful for learning vampirism, charging candles and sigils, and even self-healing.
Sit comfortably and light a candle or two. Light your incense if you want to. Get a crystal and an uncharged sigil ready. Get yourself into TGS or the Gnostic trance. Turn off the lights. Place your left hand above the lit candle, just so you feel the heat, but please don’t burn yourself. Allow the energy of the burning candle to flow through your left arm and into you. Close your eyes and see the light fill you (the color doesn’t matter). When you can start to feel a sensation of energy build, take the crystal in your right hand and allow that energy to fill the crystal. See the crystal glow brighter as the full stream of energy flows from candle flame, into you, to the crystal. When you are satisfied, place your hands down. Take the crystal now in your left hand. At this time you can take the energy back into you. While directing it toward a sigil you want to charge. With your in breath pull it in, with your out breath push it out toward the sigil. You may hold the sigil in your right hand or set it in front of you to gaze at. This is easy to do and at first will feel like games of imagination. However in time your senses will develop and more advanced energy work will seem easy. You’ll feel sensations, like tingling, hot, or cold, even euphoria and ecstasy in your body as you move the energy with your mind. Remember, THE ALL is Mind.
I used this method last night when I was too tired to evoke. I pulled energy from a lit candle. Also, training yourself to hold visualizations focus them to parts of your body can be useful in healing yourself. I hope this helps.


I’ve taken to doing simple Tai Chi in the morning as a way of getting energy flowing. A few moves in and you really start to feel the energy that you’re pushing around and the energy that flows through yourself. It’s nice.

I’ve also heard many an energy worker vouch for Reiki. Which is interesting to me because Reiki energy is passed on from a master, imbuing the graduate with the reiki force. I’m strongly considering taking a local reiki course with the intent to access this compartmentalized energy.


Who initiated the first Reiki master is my question?. I’m learning Reiki too but I’ve heard from experienced practitioners that the attunement isn’t required.


I wasn’t sure of the answer, and curious myself. I found this: “in 1994, the original manuscript of Usui was found, which claimed that Reiki had originated from Gautama Buddha”.

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Ok. Here is probably a dumb ass question. But I gotta ask it. What does sending the energy into the crystal first do? How does it help charge the sigil? I just want to understand the why and how and what the steps do… because I’m that kid in class that always askes why so i understand.


It isn’t necessary for charging the sigil at all. It’s practice for learning to move energy from one place to another and learn what it feels like to move it.
However, crystals make great storage places for energy. For rainy days and such.


always good to keep a stock of batteries!


I read somewhere, can’t remember exactly where though, about someone who wanted to work with the Reiki current but couldn’t find any certified instructors around for the attunement, so he evoked the spirit of the founder and received it that way.

That’s a possible route if you’re interested.


Oh. Ok. Just checking! Thanks!

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I have practiced Tai chi since I was five my father is a grand master but I never thought that I could use that chi energy to charge a sigil or a candle.:pray:t4: Much appreciated! I thought about but the way I do magic and the way I fight was different to me until now !