Advice about an incomplete evocation


I’m a new practitioner. I reached out to my first entity out of necessity, which was not how I had hoped to initiate contact. I would have preferred to get to know whomever I am working with before asking for help.

I found myself in an emergency situation and focused on the sigil and name of the entity I wished to make contact with. I felt a connection, and I had experiences and sensations that matched those of other practicioners on BALG who have worked with the same entity.

I asked for his help in exchange for my gratitude, a song, and some food offerings. I followed through on all of my promises, and felt a large rush of energy when improvising the song. Things seemed to come together the evening of my improvisation, but nothing has turned up since.

I realize that it is important to step back and release attachment to the result, but I am also wondering if my rushed and incomplete approach could be limiting the power of this working. I also wonder if I should offer something to be given after the entity follows through. He’s known for being very honorable, however, so I’m not sure how much it matters in this case.

Here is my question: would it be wise to perform a proper evocation and say something along the lines of “Hello, thank you for being here, it’s good to see you again. I would like to thank you for your assistance and apologize for my confusion and lack of experience. I would like to offer you ___________ upon the completion of this working.”

I would be very grateful for any advice! Thanks.


According to E. A. Koetting, spirits are power and power wants to act, so their reward is accomplishing their specific tasks but one may offer a candle or the incense used in evocation or, like you did, food etc.
If you structure the entity in the smoke of incense or even in the air, the presence may be more powerful and this will apply to accomplishing your goal. But, while indeed it still has not been reached, you got signs which make for a good replacement of that approach.


Thanks for your reply! That makes sense. Under different circumstances I would not hesitate to back away and let things take their course, but the issue I am dealing with is time sensitive, so I want to be sure that I’m not neglecting to do anything that I ought to.


In Slavic practice, when we ask our deities for help, we can either do an offering first or we can do one after the God has fulfilled the request. Offerings in ancient Slavic culture (and most of our ancient Pagan ancestors) was life… So food, drinks, the sacrifice of animals and humans to the Gods. And for offerings to the Gods, in the Slavic culture, it was meant to be a ritual feast so that whatever you offered was cooked and eaten by the entire community, the Volkv (Slavic Priests) would drink the blood of the sacrifice if it was a sacrifice of an animal or human, and they were the only ones allowed to do that.

Also, we do everything that is in our power to get whatever we are asking the Gods for. So as an example, if you’re asking for a spouse, you’re not just going to sit at home waiting for an attractive person waltzing in through the front door wanting to marry you. You’ll work out, you’ll get better clothes, you’ll go to places where singles will be, you do everything in your power to make yourself a catch and surround yourself with people who are single, that is when the Gods help will be the easiest for them and have the best results for you.


Hey! Just wanted to bring this thread back. Maybe it will be helpful to give a little more information. I called on Andromalius to help on behalf of a friend. A bunch of really important stuff was stolen out of a car—the window was broken, and everything was taken. We are far from home and totally devastated.

I feel pretty sure that I made contact, but it’s been nearly three weeks, and the stuff hasn’t turned up. Any ideas what I should do?