Adventures with the Fae


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Amazing thread!

To be honest, I in my very limited knowledge, didn’t believe in fairies. Your experiences here changed my perception and concepts.

I was feeling empty and You gave me a new purpouse to achieve.

Thank you for sharing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Question after you see the how it goes it throws yourself into a trance ?

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I had more to do than expected, so I just now got around to making my way in the the hall. My goblin guide wasn’t coming to me when summoned so it was more difficult to get there than usual. She must have heard me though because when I arrived she was standing on the doorway and told me…

“it’s empty for now. But don’t worry, this is normal. It’s not the time of year for feasting. Things are dying now. The Winter Court is taking control. Look for us in the forests and in the winds that chill ya to the bone.”

And that was it.

I suppose that would lend credence (in my own UPG at least) to the seasonal courts being a thing, at least the summer and winter courts.

I’m curious to see what you might come up with.


Do they use four seasons for the basic equinoxes and solstices? So they exist in our own current reality?


Winter where? Depending on the country it is now summer.
Does this mean that in each geographic region there are other realms or Faires only exist in certain countries?


@Nightside It depends entirely on personal paradigm as far as I can tell. Personally stick with just the winter and summer courts.

@anon29949371 Thats a fantastic question. I don’t have an answer, but its a great question lol


It’s time to revive this thread. My adventures with the Fae begin anew.


I’ve started using the elemental meditation that my Fae guide Illyana gave me again. I was never able to follow through on the full thirty days like I promised so I thought I’d take another crack at it. I am still very disconnected from my environment and it’s hard to feel the elements but I’ll continue trying.


Hmm…i think I had an epiphany of sorts while doing the elemental meditation today. :thinking:

It might be something to discuss with my guide when I see her next as I wonder if it might be the reason she gave me the meditation to begin with. She’s tricksy like that.


Have you ever considered writing a book? Not a grimoire but a fantasy book, maybe? I love reading your experiences, but aside from that, you write beautifully. I can picture everything in such detail! Amazing.

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Meditated on the symbol I received from my guide for the first time. It opened very rapidly when I gazed upon it, the lines fading in and out like a spirit seal. Though my inner chatter was still present, I felt an almost immediate if subtle, hushing of my mind’s dialogue. I managed to sit in the ensuing silence for fifteen minutes before ending it.


I finally got off my ass tonight and journeyed to the Great Hall to see Ilyanna again. I can’t believe it has been almost two years since I’ve seen her.

I did some light energy work with my servitor Jazzy about an hour beforehand so I decided to bring her along with me. I traced the Goblin Key in the air in blazing white light and stepped through. Ilyanna was waiting for me, looking as voluptuous as ever.

She smiled and greeted me. i apologized for not visiting until now and she smiled wider and said that time is different for the Fae so it was alright. She noticed Jazzy and reached down to give her some scritches. “I see you brought someone with you.”

“Yes. She was a gift from a friend.”

“A wonderful gift, and a valuable companion. Come, let us walk in the garden.” I followed her through a door and into the meadow where the Great Tree stood.

"It’s so beautiful here, “I said, maybe a bit wistfully.” I took a deep breath of the fresh air and felt its energy flow into me.

“Yes, it is,” Ilyanna replied. Summer is upon us and everything is in full bloom."

We walked down to the stream and sat upon a rock. I gazed into the water as Ilyanna spoke. “Your power has increased. I can feel it. Good.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“Yet you seem…sad. What bothers you?”

I gave a small laugh. “What doesn’t bother me? i still feel lost and restless, unsure where I belong.”

Ilyanna looked at me. “You also…fear.”

I sighed. “Yes, Ilyanna. I am afraid.”

She tenderly turned my face to hers and held my gaze. “Why do you fear? You are a being of great power.”

I felt myself dropping into her liquid eyes. “That is what I fear.”

“Ah, I see. You are afraid of what you’re capable of. So you chain it down deep inside, so you can maintain control.” She touched my face. “But you can sense the chains are beginning to break.”

I nodded.

“This is a very good thing, my love. Power seeks its own expression. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to suppress it completely. It will always win out.”

“I know,” i whispered. “That’s what I am afraid of.”

Illyanna stood up. “Come.”

We walked through the meadow, neither of us speaking. I took in the beauty of the place. i could smell the scent of flowers, and hear the buzzing of insects. We came to the bench in front of the Great Tree and Illyanna motioned to me to sit with her again. We both gazed at the Great Tree and I could feel the power flowing through it.

Finally, Ilyanna spoke. “You are connected to the Fae. Call upon me when you are out in the world. I will walk with you. Know that as your chains break and your power begins to express itself in greater and greater ways, there will be a quickening and you will become more and more alive. So many humans fail to frasp this, but life is not meant to be escaped but fully embraced. There is so much beauty and joy in the world… as well as pain and sorrow. These are what give life its texture and taste. You are God at play with the universe and all that is exists only for you.”

I did not really understand what she was saying so i could only nod again. She stood up and bade me farewell, telling me to come again whenever I wished. I thanked her and once more drew the Goblin Key in the air. “Let’s go home, Jazzy,” i said as I stepped through and ended the journey.

i opened my eyes and gave Jazzy some scritches. “Thanks for coming along, Jazzy.” She purred and rubbed against my legs. The journey had taken about twenty minutes.


e.a koetting says in his book QAV that the practice of four elements strengthen the energy body for soul travel,does this exercise do the same thing?

Good question. I’m not sure. I have failed to be consistent enough with the meditation to chart its effects.