Adventures with the Fae


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Amazing thread!

To be honest, I in my very limited knowledge, didn’t believe in fairies. Your experiences here changed my perception and concepts.

I was feeling empty and You gave me a new purpouse to achieve.

Thank you for sharing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Question after you see the how it goes it throws yourself into a trance ?

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I had more to do than expected, so I just now got around to making my way in the the hall. My goblin guide wasn’t coming to me when summoned so it was more difficult to get there than usual. She must have heard me though because when I arrived she was standing on the doorway and told me…

“it’s empty for now. But don’t worry, this is normal. It’s not the time of year for feasting. Things are dying now. The Winter Court is taking control. Look for us in the forests and in the winds that chill ya to the bone.”

And that was it.

I suppose that would lend credence (in my own UPG at least) to the seasonal courts being a thing, at least the summer and winter courts.

I’m curious to see what you might come up with.


Do they use four seasons for the basic equinoxes and solstices? So they exist in our own current reality?


Winter where? Depending on the country it is now summer.
Does this mean that in each geographic region there are other realms or Faires only exist in certain countries?


@Nightside It depends entirely on personal paradigm as far as I can tell. Personally stick with just the winter and summer courts.

@Inferno.Flux Thats a fantastic question. I don’t have an answer, but its a great question lol