Advantages and disadvantages in working spirits and none-spirit magick work

Why would have a magician work with spirits for healing, change etc when there is sympathetic magick, planetary and elemental magick and vice versa?
Let me hear you thoughts and experiences.

Advantages and disadvantages in working spirits and none-spirit magick work.


That’s kind of a complicated question really, one I have pondered a great deal.

When I consider it now, I think I pretty much always turn to the magick with an energy that will make me feel good. It doesn’t matter what system or kinds of spirits or lack thereof, or in some ways what exactly the magick is about, like money magick or whatever.

When I’ve done no-spirit sigil magick, it’s cause I wanted a result, and doing magick to get that simple result made me feel good. Sometimes I want to summon demons, because that would make me feel good, and I know that because I know how they feel.

There is also something with confidence in the method, but for the most part, it’s just about how the energy makes me feel, be it strong, flowing with abundance, powerful, or comforted.


Honestly most of the spirits I’ve worked with have simply shown me states of perspective, colors, dimensional realities etc. I see it as like ordering food or getting food to go

You can either go and get the food yourself or you can have someone bring it to you, probably not the best analogy but I think I’m making my point

As a person that like working with spirits, you get to a point where you don’t want to bother any spirit anymore and you just want to develop your energy and your godhood to basically do the same things you’d ask them to do

When you become the entire you universe all powers in creation become available to you

Our magickal practice is also evolving with our consciousness

For example most traditional magicians use a magick circle for evocation, I don’t and I’m just fine, I don’t even use an altar, I can summon a spirit while meditating on my couch in my pajamas, there is no “right” or “ wrong” magick is energy and your consciousness is what gives power to things, there’s still a lot of traditionalist limiting beliefs on magick even on this forum, but I do see it evolving which will lead to even greater magickal potential

From my own gnosis and recalling past life powers, most magick in the future won’t be beyond the mind or body, when I first tapped into my magick through mushrooms I was channeling thousands of years of magickal knowledge and I legit saw the altars and robes and stuff is unnecessary, those that focus on their energy as the center of their magick become the most powerful magicians, the most advanced magicians I know just meditate all day and do energy work, they just build up mana to unlock new DNA instead of using it for a ritual to fulfill an “illusory” desire.

I find myself in the middle, I’ll do ritual magick 3 times a week maybe 4, but most of my practice is energy work, body work, meditation, qigong, words of power, breathwork etc.

If you prioritize the things I listed, you won’t need spirits at all to do magick, that’s the whole point of becoming your own God, you are the generative creative energy