Advanced Black Magic Program?

I wateched e.a.'s video and he said that he has a new program in the works called advanced black Magic. Please give me any info on this

There was a post about it recently on E.A.'s Facebook page - seems like it’s due for release on Jan 4th next year - but don’t take this as gospel (lol!!) because I’m just going by this:

This is the pre-order link: - hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you.

[quote=“taokua”] I may be misunderstanding- but actually I think jaysalamone might be referring to EA’s comments about the BlackMagick Video program he is working on (I don’t recall if a release date was ever mentioned- I thought last yr it was commented as middle of this yr~summer, like the Divin, then Evo, then SoulTravel courses)…
The link above, I think, is for the Book by a similar title- by Timothy D. which has some concepts in YouTube videos (which has a pdf-link in their description)[/quote]

You’re right, I think the pre-sale link is for the book, but I don’t know if they’re packaged together - the Facebook post says this: “Together, he and I will release a collaborative joint, comprising his textbook and my live rituals—Black Magick: The Left Hand Path.”

So yes, I’m not sure we’re talking about the exact same thing - I’ll try and find out. :slight_smile:

Okay I contacted Timothy - I wrote:

“Sorry to bother you, is the book you’ve written on Black Magick part of the upcoming Black Magick course E.A. mentioned, or is it a seperate thing with seperate video?”

He replied:

"We will bundle them together, and also let them stand alone.

By the by, his course will concentrate on rituality, whilst mine features philosophy."