Can you guys tell me everything you know about Adrestria? In my search option there was no result found.

Adrastia/Nemesis you mean?

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Yes, they are both her names, the one you cannot escape from :heart_eyes:

So should I have looked for Nemesis in the search option?

Found her, thank you :blush::blush: I didn’t think about that

Nemesis is a goddess of swift justice, vengeance, and equality.
Not necessarily “good justice” but “pure justice”.

I’ve read that invoking her, she would look at your life and adjust it to be more fair.
If you’ve had a good life, she’d make it a bit more hard, while if had a hard life, she’d make it better.

I would invoke her with a symmetrical sigil and be a bit careful on if I really want her involvement in my life.

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Explain symmetrical sigil please? Can u explain the “be careful”?

She is the goddess of equilibrium, it would make sense to make a sigil that is being symmetrical to invoke her out of respect towards her portfolio…which is equality.

I don’t think you’ll find any good sigils around for her, so you’d need to make your own.

Regarding the warning, it is in my reply.

She’d judge you when you summon her, and you should know yourself well so that you’d know what to expect when you do call on her.

I was reading too much into things, so then I should be fine, I am fine :blush: Thank you for time :blush: