Adonai and Ahura Mazda

Is Ahura Mazda and the god of the bible the same? Are the beliefs and practices the same? Is Ahriman and Satan the same?

I doubt it. Judaism borrowed elements from Zoroastrianism later in the culture’s history, probably during the dysphoria in Babylon. They would have already been worshiping some form of the old Caananite god EL along with some other minor deities. Once they incorporated Zoroastrianism they just blended what they already had. YHVH and Ahura Mazda are of different lineages.

Granted, I know most of the history bits form Richard Carrier. I label everything he says as suspect given he supports the Christ myth theory.

As for Satan, he’s relatively new as far as we currently know him. 2nd AD if not later. Comparing him to Ahriman with surface level details doesn’t really fit.

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I still have plenty of questions. Like is Ahura Mazda as bad as YHVH?

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Well, he threw me away like trash whenever I went to speak with him about working with Ahriman.

Azi Dahaka pulled me from the flames.