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I’ve read that Aldolf Hitler was into the Occult. What type of magick did he most likely practice?

I can’t remember where, but I read that contrary to popular belief, Hitler was not an occultist, or even really interested. Furthermore he was annoyed with having people close to him, like Himmler and Goebbels, that were so invested in astrology and the occult.

There’s a whole bunch of what you’re looking for in this playlist, though. Got me curious about the doctrines of the Thule society.

You have at it, and I’ll go look up sources for Hitlers negative attitude towards the occult.

Hitler rejected the occult. He used the aid of Erik Jan Hanussen (not sure if I spelled that right) astrology in the beginning but later turned against him and had him killed. He also used the Thule Society to help him with his speaking abilities. Probably for speaking in front of so many people.

It was Heinrich Himmler that was into the occult. The SS was originally a magic order where each member studied runic magic.

At least that is what I remember from studying them a while ago. I am not an expert on Nazis or WWII. Although I find it very interesting.

Hitler was interested in the occult. Thats why he attacked Austria. They had the so called “Spear of Destiny”. The same one than Cain(Qayin) slew Abel with and was later used to pierce “Jesus” while on the cross. Which is also why he had covert operations in Tibet to discover the secrets of Vril energy. Which if everyone knows wht that is, its a lost practice of ancient Aryans. Harnessing Vril, Hitler believed would give him Godlike power on earth, and would give him the right to rule the world.

Vril? Aint that only fiction?

No, you can look up tibetan texts, and Norse texts as well. They both offer quite a validation to Vriology.

If you dont mind, could you pm me some of those texts?

Fun topic. I’ve read three books and watched a documentary about this and the information I’ve been exposed to is in alignment with most of what has been discussed so far in this thread. I’ve so far not come across any evidence that Hitler practiced any type of black magick or that he had much more than a passing interest in this branch of the occult. However, he did have what could be considered occult beliefs in things like the aforementioned Spear of Destiny and one of the first things he did after the Nazis invaded Austria was have his men go get the spear and transport it to Germany. After WWII it was returned to the Hofburg Palace in Vienna and is in the Museum there now for anyone who wants to go see it or try to work a mojo off of it. I personally no more believe it was used to pierce the side of Jesus than the knife I used to slice an orange with last night or any other of the alleged spears floating around Europe’s museum circuits. Nonetheless, to go from being a disempowered and impoverished starving artist to the most powerful man in Europe and arguably the world for a brief period nearly changing the whole course of human history is testimony to a Will that was beyond extraordinary, whether driven by any occult undercurrents or not. Another interesting and ironic thing is that while Hitler may be the poster boy for evil, his “evil” planted the seed that gave birth to a greater evil across the Atlantic in the deep south of the United States in the form of the Manhattan Project which created the atomic bomb. Further irony is that this has now led to a general fear since the cold war of the real possibility of us being destroyed by our own Frankenstein’s monster that we created to begin with as a defense weapon to deploy against Germany if necessary. But back to topic, something many people who are interested in this subject may not be aware of is a book by a German named Ernst Schertel published in 1923 called Magic: History,Theory, & Practice. Twelve years ago The Atlantic Monthly ran an article about Hitler’s private library and one of the books found in it was this one that the author personally signed and sent to him. There were a total of sixty-six annotations made by Hitler with a pen where he bracketed off parts of the text (remember, they didn’t have highlighters back then). One of the things he annotated was this:

“He who does not have demonic seeds within him will never give birth to a new world.”

This book was only translated and published in English six years ago. I read it about three years ago and have to say it is one of the most interesting books on magic I have ever read. It is not a grimoire or ritual text per se but a philosophical and psychological treatise of the left hand occult path and dark magic and may arguably have been the best book on the LHP up to that time. Some things I highlighted include the following;

“…these demonic things, which represent the most tremendous focus of force in the universe.”

“The cosmic forces, in realizing their becoming-an-image, always depend upon a particular I-center, conversely every I-center would be ineffective if it would not be pulsated with cosmic energies. Hereupon rests the interaction and mutual conditionality of “demon” and “magician” or of “god” and “human.” Without the magician the demonic forces would have never reached embodiment, and without the demon the magician would be bare of any kind of deep forces.”

I refer to that last paragraph as “demonic symbiosis”. I highlighted many things in this book those were just a couple of more or less random things I wanted to post to give an idea of what it is like. I highly recommend it and you can check it out on Amazon using the “look inside” function to get a little more info about it if you are interested. Here’s a link:

I hope I’m not breaking any forum rules here posting that link. If so let me know and I’ll remove it. I’m not advertising just promoting something here I thought others may find interesting.

It’s cool! :slight_smile:

I did a whole working myself based on this book which I originally bought as a historical curiosity precisely because it was annotated by Hitler, Evocation of my Personal Daemon.

It seems like it was indeed Himmler who was more into the occult, I have “The Secret King: The Myth and Reality of Nazi Occultism” by Stephen Edred Flowers & Michael Moynihan and it’s been a while since I read it but I think it makes that point.

Wewelsburg Castle was going to be the jewel in the crown of his plans, that’s where the Black Sun is inlaid, and they had a chamber that was also designed with what appear to have been occult activities in mind:

How do u have demon seeds in you? I want raw power. It’s funny I’ve been feeling beliail call me lately. But I try to ignore it. Because hi energy is pretty intense.

From Peter Levenda, editor/translator for the Necronomicon. Levenda is hated in the occult community for pointing out the prevalence of extreme racism in in the inner orders of a number of Rosicrucian, OTO, and Golden Dawn lodges and their many, many, many connections to international “intelligence” organizations. This book spells out Hitler’s connections to a number of prominent German occultists - connections that have been deliberately downplayed in the historical write-ups.

Been a while since I read that book (it’s painfully badly translated and not a pleasure to read) but it gives a couple of exercises, and I think the basic belief is that this is an innate quality of humans, but the book’s worth buying and reading, just don’t expect fluid prose. :wink:

[quote=“Sultitan_Itan, post:11, topic:4894”]

From Peter Levenda, editor/translator for the Necronomicon.[/quote]

That looks fascinating, thanks - my weekend leisure reading sorted! :wink:

It’s all speculative, but I saw a documentary claiming a man gave him a mandrake root and it would keep him alive or protected as long as he had it. And I read a book claiming Hitler sought out the spear of destiny for occult purposes, again all speculation, but there is a photo of Hitler getting the mandrake root as a gift, the photo was in the documentary can’t seem to find it online.

hitler was one of the great crowd hypnotists. he learned by studying ‘psychologie des foules’ by gustave le bon.

hitler’s mentors dietrich eckhart and alfred rosenberg predicted hitler would be the leader to restore germany during their sex magick rituals. it may be that hitler was chosen to be the type of crowd shouter le bon describes in his book, and that in fact hitler was only a puppet for others in his inner circle to manipulate for their own ends. it may also be that hitler and/or his contemporaries worked with (aka were possessed by) sorath - i have read in multiple places that sorath rules over the type of energy you find in far right activism.

hitler’s contemporaries (including heinrich himmler, martin bormann, rudolf hess, and hermann goering as well as others not named in many historical books) were in the thule society, with some of them also in the inner circle (vril society). after the nsdap gained political power, himmler set up the ahnenerbe to recover occult objects around the world, and staged a search for the ark of the covenant in ethiopia, as well as the spear of destiny (lance of longinus) which is said to have pierced jesus christ on the cross.

i have never felt that hitler was the leader, rather that he was a focal point for other occultists who worked in secrecy.

[quote=“the fool, post:14, topic:4894”]hitler was one of the great crowd hypnotists of all time. his mesmerizing ability was remarkable.

he learned his skill by studying crowd psychology from ‘psychologie des foules’ by gustave le bon.

le bon’s writing was the culmination of the research done in french social darwinist hypnotism from the 19th century. hitler applied the french psychology to the german public.

himmler was the true occultist in the nsdap. himmler may be the single most advanced psychologist/hypnotist of the 20th century after milton erickson. his work was extreme and without mercy, but his discoveries are still to this day being slowly leaked to the public and when they are applied they remain cutting-edge even into the 21st century.[/quote]

Do you happen to know where one could read about he’s psychological techniques ? (Himmler’s) and maybe of Hitler’s too.

this is going to sound wierd to you, but everything i know about the nazis and occultism has come to me in trance and was verified from researching what i learned in trance.

i do believe that after i dedicated i was being recruited to work with some nazi occultist in some way. for obvious reasons i said no. however, it was interesting to say the least to learn how deep nazi occultism reaches into popular culture.

I also remember hearing that Hitler chose the swastika because he knew it was a powerful sigil symbol, this 1872 painting, probably Swedish, was probably admired by Hitler, especially the belt, which shows the swastika at an X angle.årten_Eskil_Winge_-Tor%27s_Fight_with_the_Giants-_Google_Art_Project.jpg

The Viking swastika was the 2nd most popular talisman, rune, mark, pendant for Viking warriors, but perhaps due to their fragile design few remain today, as opposed to Thor’s hammer. The swastika in Norse mythology represents Thor’s lightning, I bet Hitler knew this, it literally represents lightning of the gods, a very powerful symbol.

Not a fan of Hitler in any way shape or form, but I doubt his choice of the swastika as his political party symbol is a coincidence. I heard he banned Occult, magick practices to keep a monopoly on them, but this is just from a history channel documentary and they also claim everything under the sun on ancient aliens.

[quote=“the fool, post:16, topic:4894”]this is going to sound wierd to you, but everything i know about the nazis and occultism has come to me in trance and was verified from researching what i learned in trance.

i do believe that after i dedicated i was being recruited to work with some nazi occultist in some way. for obvious reasons i said no. however, it was interesting to say the least to learn how deep nazi occultism reaches into popular culture.[/quote]

Please do tell us more!

I am personally a Fan of the Sigel Rune…the Nazi’s used a Double Sigel Rune which is like am S.S. symbol. I have my own symbolic associations and a small story to tell anout a single vs double sigel. Out of curiousity and fun… Hoe many different word acronyms can you come up for S.S.?

New info:

[b][url=]Heinrich Himmler's stash of books on witchcraft is discovered in Czech library[/url][/b] March 16 2016

A rare library of books on witches and the occult that was assembled by Nazi SS chief Heinrich Himmler in the war has been discovered in the Czech Republic.

Himmler was obsessed with the occult and mysticism, believing the hocus-pocus books held the key to Ayran supremacy in the world.

The books - part of a 13,000-strong collection - were found in a depot of the National Library of Czech Republic near Prague which has not been accessed since the 1950s.

Norwegian Masonic researcher Bjørn Helge Horrisland told the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang that some of the books come from the library of the Norwegian order of Freemasons in Oslo, seized during the Nazi occupation of the country.

In 1935 Himmler founded the ‘H Sonderkommando’ - H standing for Hexe, the German word for witch - to collate as much material as possible on sorcery, the occult and the supernatural.

The bulk of the collection was called the ‘Witches Library’ and concentrated on witches and their persecution in medieval Germany.

One of Himmler’s quack theories was that the Roman Catholic Church tried to destroy the German race through witch hunts.

He also discovered that one of his own ancestors was burned as a witch.

Adolf Hitler never shared the enthusiasm for the occult held by his master butcher, but he gave him free reign to live out his fantasies.

The books were intended to be stored at Wewelsburg Castle in western Germany, the ‘Black Camelot’ of Nazism where Himmler created a court of SS ‘knights’ modelled on the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

The castle today is a museum and place of remembrance. The swastika-daubed ceiling of the room where he met with his evil knights forms the centrepiece of the exhibition.

Historians are to analyse the Witches Library and a Norwegian TV company is to make a documentary about the find.


Weird stuff.