Adjustment, The Sun, and The Moon_Reversed, Reversed, Reversed

Hello All,

It seems I can’t get away from your people…even on my weekends!!! As some of you know, I’m enrolled in the Divination course, and I’m on Section#4 just before we get into the Minor Arcana. I am somewhat familiar with Tarot and I am using the Thoth deck for now.

Anyways, I just wanted to ask some of you about [R] reversed cards in the Thoth deck. Quite frankly, I’m really trying to stay away from other forums because I get absolutely everything I need here! In addition, I haven’t run into any holier than thou fuck heads here.

So, as part of my training I’ve been playing with my cards, and today I ask:

“Please speak to me about my Salas’ash evocation”

I’m damn near complete with building my Triangle of Arte, and just want to access some info about it. I only did a three (3) card spread and am really just relaxing into the process and letting the cards speak to me. I drew:


All upside down [R]. The reason I’m bringing this to the forum is, I want to really just checking my own intuition. Not to see if I’m doing this “right” per se, but if my “feeling” side is tuning in. If any of you can give me your two cents I would really appreciate it. Then, I’ll re-post what my “feelings” were and perhaps my truth will be somewhere in the middle.


If the info I seek is in the course…cool. I just didn’t get to it yet. I’m not being lazy, nor am I expecting any of you to do my work for me and I apologize to any of you that may take this post that way…this is NOT my intention.




I hate when I do this…forget an important point, then have to post again. I’ve read in various places that the Thoth deck is very dependent upon the surrounding s cards etc., and that some people don’t consider reversals at all.

again, this was just a short 3 cards spread in front of me…left to right.



Yea, it is the opinion of many on this forum that the deck has more than enough possibilities without the reversals. If you shuffle your deck in a consistent way (once you have the cards lined up), you won’t get reversals anymore either. Of course it’s up your preference, but I prefer no reversals.

And yes, I think it is worth considering not only the cards themselves, but how they interact with each other. The whole process of divination is an art, and there is a long learning curve - which is a good thing, as you will continue adding depth to your readings for years potentially.

Depending on the intent of your spread though, you definitely want to consider the surrounding cards. Which card(s) is the main card, which are the modifiers? Are the modifiers merely enhancers, or do they represent different temporal aspects (background, future, possible paths, etc.)? Also consider - is there a pattern to the types of cards - suit heavy, lots of major arcana, a certain theme, etc.? The cards tell a story, and a story is not just a cast of characters, it’s also how the characters interact, the setting they interact in, the change through time, etc.

thoth was really not designed to be read with reversals, it can and it won’t hurt anything but it was intended to be read more with the elemental dignities of the cards in the spread.

if your going to read with reversals before you begin for the session divide your cards in half and turn half upside down and leave the other half upright. i used to try to just stay consistent with my shuffle but would end up halving a majority of one or the other making the readings inaccurate. thats one reason i stopped reading reversals because it was a pain in the ass to make sure they were evenly divided to ensure accuracy.

surrounding cards do play their factor but that is not only for thoth deck. elemental associations play into it not only as strengthening or weakening a card but also to show aspects of the situation. for example if you have a spread with a lot of wands and cups that would point to a situation that will be emotionally driven and full of energy or explosiveness but not long lasting due to a lack of pentacles wich represent earth and a lack of logic or communication (swords/air) . if you have fire card surrounded by water cards th!e fire card is weakened as well as the water card on each side would be in a 3 card spread.

id take the reading as positive basically saying balance will lead to attainment of the spiritual side that you seek, but i didnt read it as reversed either so what do i know?

Here is a link to a site that helped me understand elemental dignities.

I personally don’t normally read the cards differently if it’s “upside down.” Mind you, sometimes I will, if that’s what my intuition tells me, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. The cards themselves will speak to me, and I will listen.

Now, the dignification of the cards matter much more. If there are a ton of swords and one wand, that means something, and so I’ll look carefully at that.

However, you’ll notice in the course that the focus is less on the cards, and more on what the cards are saying, intuitively.