This place has come a long way since the early days. It will be missed. No, not this place, but the place is used to be. Such is the way of all occult forums, I suppose. Yes. It has come a long way, and not for the better.

It’s quickly fillings with lunatics, frauds, and halfwitted amateurs of the most arrogant sort. That’s nothing new in magical circles, but one of the reasons why magical knowledge was once held secret and passe don only to those whom a spiritual master had found to be worthy of it. One or two here, however, are apparently even an unsavoury hodge-podge of nutjob, charlatan, and dabbling dumbass. I welcome those who do not know and admit that they do not know. I do not welcome spoiled brats just out of their “atheist” phase who haven’t been practising magic for a year but are now regular Merlins who have somehow come into some the grand knowledge of everything that has been eluding the inquiries of the greatest minds in the long history of civilisation. Magic, metaphysics, mythology, they know it all, inside and out, and better than anyone. Well, I do hope they all have fun playing with the phantoms inside their heads and pretending that they’ve become all-powerful magicians living out of momma’s basement, flipping at Burger King, and dating some girl who looks like the aborted foetus of a sick elephant. Out! Out! I’ve had enough. I’m kicking you out of my reality. And this is the first step.

This, my friends, is what happens when you popularise ANYTHING. It descends to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR. It becomes PLEBEIAN. It is dragged through the MUD. Religion, politics, philosophy, art, literature, music, civilisation itself … this is the decay of the modern age, the rule of quantity over quality, the rejection of transcendence, hierarchy and order in the name of the petty moralism of “equality”, “human rights”, and other such degradign nonsense. EA has made mention of Julius Evola’s occult texts … well, I suggest you take a look at his OTHER texts - Revolt Against the Modern World, Ride the Tiger, Men Amongst the Ruins.

Bye. I won’t be posting here anymore. It has become more than a waste of time for me.

Perhaps one day, if you are lucky, I will release my grimoire of Lucifer and its genuine discovery of the tradition hidden behind the Ars Goetia to a limited public. Until then, adieu.

I wish you all the best.

And the children get drunk in the beer halls and curse in front of their elders…

Sometimes it’s best to cut websites and internet idiots out of your life. I hate to see you go as I have enjoyed your insight on many subjects and threads. It’s unfortunate that we have jackasses like sunas and elison polluting the forum with their bullshit, but it is what it is. I agree with what EA is doing and putting these occult secrets out for us to grab. A negative side effect are the fools who get a hold of the information and ruin it. Then post in such an arrogant and ignorant way as to cheapen the forum. But as more of the real mages leave the more it becomes a haven for amatures and fools. I wish you the best in your endeavors and ascent. Take care.

Your imagined counter-moralising is moralising itself - moralising about the badness of authority, order and tradition with the snide degeneracy of the French philosophes or the feminist whore who spreads her disease-ridden vagina at the swingers club every Friday in the name of ‘liberation’ while mocking the asceticism of the woman who has devoted her life to the pursuit of the transcendent as a symptom of backward patriarchal oppression. Yes, degeneration, not “progress”, has been a long and steady process from the Golden Age of the past to the ratlike decadence of today. If you can’t understand the difference between the greatness of the ancients and the banal existence of today, that is really too bad. I don’t need to invoke moral sentimentalism or threats of Hellfire. The path upward leads t power. The path downward ends in the pigsty, and is its own punishment.

Umm… I was referencing a famous lament from an Ancient Egyptian papyrus. Every generation thinks there was a long-ago Golden Era and that the current world is corrupt and degenerate and minutes away from the Big Disaster. As people get older, they learn things about how the world works and what humans are really like that their awareness was closed to when they were younger. Things aren’t getting any worse. There has always been this awkward mixture of beauty and depravity. Becoming a Fascist and forcing everyone to pretend that everything’s beautiful again is just reinstating the original ignorance and disempowerment that caused the disillusionment.

You’ve become one of the most vitriolic voices on here and I for one won’t miss you. None of these big angry diatribes have jack shit to do with the practical acquisition of power. You’re clearly talking about your own psychological problems, not referencing any concrete spiritual tools.

If you really want to argue Traditionalism on a forum that skews to the LHP, good fucking luck.

Poete Maudit i totally understand why you wish to leave.

i have to say that you / your insight on topics will be missed although,
take care man and i hope to see you publish your grimoire someday.

I got it SI and appreciated it.

My best way to fight this is to put myself in a place where there is basically no civilization…that is what i will be doing sometime soon! Im going to be living in a place in the middle of nowhere and i will be living as a true slave…so i don’t think i will come here that much! But still one month and a half to go :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess being a slave, giving my life to someone else and having almost no control over it, living in the middle of nowhere basically does it for me, i don’t have to take any " shit " from anyone…pluS! It is a really good place for rituals and i already know i will be able to continue my path in magic, even being a slave i will have sometime for myself and if i ask very well i might have a precise moment of freedom which will certainly be needed for certain events/rituals… but then… this is the path i have choosen, that is why i am moving on…my training is going onto the next level! Which i am fully ready for :smiley: i hope you have a nice time out Man!

I hate to see you go, Poet! There’s not so many people that I respect here, but you most definitly are one of them. To me you are the real deal.

But… to be honest, I resent the fact that you’re going. Are we seriously giving in to those retarded morons? Are we really allowing them to ruin this forum? Leave while they are the ones that should be leaving?!

Sorry bro,… I think you make a mistake this time.

[quote=“Bran, post:10, topic:1560”]I hate to see you go, Poet! There’s not so many people that I respect here, but you most definitly are one of them. To me you are the real deal.

But… to be honest, I resent the fact that you’re going. Are we seriously giving in to those retarded morons? Are we really allowing them to ruin this forum? Leave while they are the ones that should be leaving?!

Sorry bro,… I think you make a mistake this time.[/quote]

Agreed with Bran.

Poete, I have often seen your words reflect my own, sometimes by our posts, and sometimes you beat me to the punch on several posts. You have become more hostile as of late, but with good reason. I wish you the best, and I for one will miss your genuine and up front posts and replies. Thank you for your contributions. I may be doing the same soon as well, yet I hold on with hope for now.

Considering the trancendant nature of your more recent post I am a bit sad to see you go, I looked forward to seeing what you were able to spawn from the new paradigm.

I agree in part with Bran, I don’t think you should let these outliers drive you away, despite your perception of the end of a golden era we have many new motivated and polite members who will continue to contribute meaningful content as they advance.

Best of luck in your future ascent

Your contributions will definitely be missed, and if you ever decide to come back after some time, you’re always welcome!

And, for the record, I have indeed read Revolt, and Ride the Tiger, and it’s amazing how he saw all of this coming!

Amazing indeed.

well hey! i guess i’ll fit right in!

um waitaminit…i shouldn’t be so glad about that :c\

that pretty much describes me in a nutshell

i’m not happy about that but you know what, sometimes you have to.

i’m reading the reviews on amazon right now. revolt sounds interesting and ride the tiger even moreso. i’ll read them when i get the chance

Poete, your contributions will be greatly missed by me. They taught me a lot, even if I am still far from your level of magickal abilities. I can only echo Bran’s ‘don’t let the idiots spoil it for you’, but I can understand your patience has run out. I wish you all the best in the endeavours you undertake and hope you will still drop in some time.

Kind regards

I think your insight and intellect is needed now more than ever on here. Your arrogance and seriousness has always been slightly entertaining to me but that’s neither here nor there. Adios

Likewise, your no-nonsense delivery has been a source of humor to me at times even if it comes across as totally arrogant(intended or not) it never fails to bring a smirk to my face. But more importantly your intellect and insight has been helpful to me on numerous occasions, so for that I thank you. Best of luck!