Adding a sigil to a spell for extra oomf?

Wondering if performing candle magick or even just doing telepathic work could be made stronger with the sigil of an entity?

Even without an elaborate ritual — one where you chant a demons name and enn for 20 minutes, staring at the sigil, really deeply meditate on it, all that good stuff — just like, saying the enn 3 times, saying “(demons name) please assist me in this spell”, and burning the candle over the sigil. Would this be enough for your request to be heard by the entity?

I guess my main curiosity is, how little effort can you put in to contacting a demon and still having them hear your request? Is it necessary to build a whole ritual around contacting them or can you just speak their name and have them hear your request, as an addition to regular ol candle magick?

Probably a silly question but I feel most confident with magick that doesn’t involve any spirits since I’ve done much more of it, but I do really like the idea of asking for a spirits help with something as they are so powerful. Wondering if I can combine the two this easily.

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It’s not necessary to build a whole ritual around them unless you’re wanting to evoke them into your temple and space.

Can you just speak their name and have them hear your request? Hell, yes you can.

Especially as an addition to candle magic.

Indeed you can.

As long as you really get into it, and really put the energy in, then yes that should be sufficient.

Otherwise it may depend on the work being done and the nature thereof. If the spirit isn’t interested, or wants something more, they should let you know.

not the right frame of mind to have when doing something like this.

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Good point

You can just say a spirit’s name and that can make a connection. Things like sigils or pathworkings just make the connection stronger.

If you have good results with simple candle spells then you probably don’t really need to do much else.


I don’t know about Demons but for other spirits I find calling their name 3 times with intent while looking at their sigil is all that is needed.

True, I’m kind of looking for a way to dip my toes into working with demons/spirits in general!

Perfect thanks!

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Yep, easy. I’ve done this a bunch of times and had good results. Although mostly it was the same ritual repeated… But results is results :sparkles:

yup, it can be very effective. I’ve also experimented using a sigil created from the lines of one of my palms to increase my focus on my own will to have under the candle while it burns.

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Ooooh would you mind sharing which ritual?

I’d suggest picking up a grimoire (a book of magick) to help you along with that. You can find helpful stuff in forums and videos and whatnot but you really can’t replace a good grimoire.

Not to shill too hard but I’ve always recommended my three favorite publishers - BALG, the Gallery of Magick, and The Power of Magick Publishing (and also a shoutout to Corwin Hargrove).

I’d pick a book that appeals to you, give it a read, and then spend some time practicing its magick. If the magick clicks with you then it will take you on a journey.

I like creating my own incorporating theirs at times. I haven’t made one in along time and often just speak their name.

I was doing a spring ritual utilizing simple sex magic (i only use led candles because i respect this sacred tree too much to risk carelessness on my part). I won’t give much details but i guess upon climax there was a tremor on the property.

I didn’t hear it or feel it. Parents said the house windows trembled, and the house shook. I askedif it was maybe a sonic boom since jets fly in the airspace but nope.

Now i wonder if i would have constructed a spring sigil array, and did an offering to my shrine if it would have been more potent. Lots of wind too from this. Honestly, I thought I was a rather lax practitioner but this idn’t the only time something like this has happened.

Oh today, and one of the spirits laughed like the stooges and said “sertointly”. I said, that’s later today after i bike to the store.

I’m a very set sigil & forget it type usually.

Stooges… lol.

Here you go: