Addictions and Spirits

I was wondering if spirits can cause addictions by manipulating your thoughts, feelings and even occurring circumstances.

I say this as I have a long standing addiction to cannabis, I build up the will power to quit every week or so but in the given QUIT day as usual without fail something happens to piss me off and pick up the baggy. Nothing stupid an example woukd be yday was quut day yet on the way home from picking my son up from school my car decided to lose all power. I crawled home unabke to get over 20mph. The car literally died completely outside my house.

I have tons of example like this that always happen on QUIT day. Its like im now scared to quit as sonething bad will happen.

Hope this doesnt sound to stupid to you guys

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Eh spirits could cause this but most spirits just want the best for you.

Like Belial (I think) likes people to give up addictions as offerings to him

I would ask someone to do a reading for you.

Ive heard nothing but good things abiut Belial.

I could offer him my addiction but would need help with actually abstaining from the urges.

A reading is something I think wouls shed so much needed light on this dull situation.

Hopefully somebody may offer some assistants. Thanks for your response

I would help you if I had my Runes left them behind :upside_down_face:

It could be that the one who is around you specifically, likes the get-high and yes, is helping you not quit. That’s what I am getting. No you’re not crazy. Yes your “Happy Quit Day” is being sabotaged. Andyes you can overcome it. Banish the urge to get high. I put mine in a pretty little box in my head. i decorated the box. Had a little cerimony of sorts and put that habbit in the box. I closed the box and gave it away to my patron god. The urge left me thst day. You just have to resist the urge to take the box back. You can do that or change it to anything that resonates with you.

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I bloody knew it.

Something is sabotaging my “happy quit day” and is pretty consistant at doing so.

I have had what light workers call “healing” but its all to no avail. This is half the reason ive landed here after working with the so called light without ever seeing any results.

This is the best decision ive made to join this awesome forum and start making some actual progress.

I can try the box visualization and put my addiction inside but ive yet to work with any entity to help with this. Its a very powerful pull towards getting high everyday but I really have had enough and dont want to.

Man this is pretty tough.

I pretty much broke right now but would pay somebody a small fee to look into this for me in some detail. Its kinda my version of the crossroads. Just tired of being pulled, pushed, manipulated into getting high.

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Ahhh Happy Smoke. Loved it for 40 years. Had to stop since I lost my job. And I have to wait until I’m clean before I can find another one. Yes it’s hard to stop but it can be done.

You been blazing for 40 years haha.

I thought my 20 was wayyyyyyy to long to be at this. At least you had to quit due to circumstances.

I guess my circumstances are pointing out I need to quit and I know this. Yet something is manipulating me or I’m I just mad/mental.

I’ve been told I’m not mad so I will go with that.

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You can message me.

I am not supporting a case for quitting or continuing. That said, here’s a few thoughts:

Have you tried using magick to put a stop to the factors that make you want to smoke?

Have you considered that if an entity was to blame it could be doing this to help you quit, and you just haven’t realized the big picture?

Also, if you are setting a day to quit instead of just doing it when you get the urge to quit, you are sabotaging yourself. Every year when I went to a gym at the start of the year we would get swamped with “resolutioners”. They almost never last, and the reason is because they set a date once they realize they need to exercise instead of just doing some body weight movements on their floor the instant the realization comes to them.

I understand exactly what your saying brother.

Thanks for your help