Whether it be demons angels loa norse gods or any powerful demon. Some in the books suggest certain items be obtained. Would these powerful entities understand if you cant obtain certain objects or items before summoning them. Maybe just using their runes,sigils, veves or other gateways to summon them suffice if you can adapt with your intentions


They understand your abilities. I think a lot of it (da ruuules) is from authors needing to fill pages to look important and sell books. All i have to do is think about them and they come. That is why I had to stop reading because if I tried to read a damn book or article and focused on the name too much they would be here! It caused a few problems so I just stopped reading for a while. Go with what you can do and your gut. If you need a candle and sigil on a piece of paper then use it. But think outside the box and adapt things to meet your needs and keep you safe. A tealight is still a fire and it still works. Ok? You DON’T have to get yourself evicted or killed to summon a demon. You don’t want to meet them that way!


If working within a particular system or current I would suggest getting the items required by it. Almost any entity can however be summoned with just a sigil, concentration and a basic incantation that can be either be designed by the sorcerer or borrowed from a “neutral” system like for example the one provided by Koetting in “works of darkness” or one of the 4 demonic incantations


Im a firm believer in read everything and take from it what you will. Alot of old ceremonial magick requires items either ridiculously hard to find or non existent at this time. Plus, I think alot of those things were “required” as a means to dissuade the average person to utilize magick. Only the upper elite could obtain certain things. Everything you need is inside you.


I totally agree with that

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