Adam and The Devil

It occurred to me. If Satan is a title that means. To oppose. Wouldn’t Adam and Eve be Lord Satan? Would the Devil not be God’s twin brother or another type of being? I don’t get what is going on. Personally, aside from conformed religion which is obviously a tool of evil.

Yahweh is “The Devil” ime. That’s my UPG, but if you were baptised and then you broke all the commandments, watch and see where the bad luck and trouble is originating from. If you dig a little and have your spirit allies investigate, they will reveal to you the source. Which in my case was Yahweh. (For anyone who is in a similar position, Cohzier will protect you.)

Satan is just a title that is given to any being who is an adversary of some sort. For example, Lucifer is the adversary of ignorance. Satan is a conglomerate, not a singular being, so I’m told by those in the know. :wink:


Well Satan the title Adversary, Adam and Eve were in mythology tempted by a being that held the title satan (some believe it’s Lucifer, some believe it’s Samael, personally I believe the latter in this mythology) However, this mythology came much later after Yahweh was made monotheistic, as in his original myth his father El divided the land among his sons and Yahweh was given Israel so I dont think there’s any real opposition besides the one we made up. Satan was also a title given to different entities throughout mythologies after polytheism was demonized, Set, Cernunnos, basically any horned God.


My name in Gematria = 834
Son Of Yahweh = 834
Tribe Of Israel = 834
Lord Satan = 834
Satanail = 834

Other names are Katy Perry, Jeffery Bridges.

I was visited as a child by a very powerful being. I feel drawn to this site and EA does a great job at running this business. So much energy is hitting me at all times.

I’m feeling like my spirit is trying to figure something out. My true identity, my tribe.

The Hebrew original version of the Adam and eve story the character’s name is Nechash which in Hebrew means not just serpent but like the poetry of old and paleohebrew it’s layered meaning and play on words. Nechash means hiss as in hissing sound and that’s where we get the snake or serpent translation from. It also means magick, enchantment, divination, intuition, to observe diligently and learn from experience. In order to know good and evil man needed to "learn from experience and observe diligently " get it?