Acupuncture Chi manipulation meditation, Personal experience

Acupuncture points are basically physical places on the body where chi energy can be accessed and manipulated. … Depending on how sensitive a patient is, they may feel the chi as it travels along the meridians during a treatment, others may feel pressure at the acupuncture point and some may feel nothing at all.

I have been suffering from horrible headaches for all my life, I heard about this treatment from my female friend which happen to be suffering her self from this painful energetical blockage, I came to her no expectations really meditation session for about 30 at first the more it goes the more minutes I’m allowed to stay there, She is playing binaural beats of meditation putting the needles in the chi points of my skins based on where my pain is located at, Let me tell you it’s so fun and relaxing it’s nothing compare to usual meditation it’s just magick, She told me to change my diet as the things you’re putting in your body affecting your health and vibration frequency no dairy low carb, The pain is gone with every session, She told me her father was with cancer, Told him to change his diet and did this chi points simulation with the needles half a year and everything was gone, This shit is better than sorcery I swear She is having patients on a daily bases for many different porpoises and various things such as weight lost, Illnes, Etc, Also it’s not cheap but worth every bit of what I paid as I was in intense pain and the conventional medical treatment didn’t work maybe for the short term did all the tests, She is the only one helped me she is telling me that illness coming from junk foods and what you’re putting in your body Oh and I’m not even in the half way trough the treatment there is still along way to go hahahahaha I’m telling you this is the shit.


Cool man, Sounds very interesting I definitely going to do my research on this, One question bro Can you raise your energy with this stuff?