Actually Manifesting a Physical Object

Hey people! I have a question, of course, when don’t I?

To the point- I had read about one member’s experience with NOT manifesting a result. That is, the member I was speaking to had mentioned that when engaging one’s servitor’s or creating them, it might be “more fun” to actually try to manifest an object oneself rather than utilizing one’s servitor’s.

Now, that being said, has anyone accomplished this? Not the “fun” aspect necessarily, but actually manifesting an object of one’s desire through one’s own magickal practice. I would love to hear from some of you who have had success with this practice, and. where possible, some actual “practice’s” of the practice I might be able to utilize. My study has not taken me down this roadway yet and with winter looming, I thought it might be nice to bring some cool creature comforts to my house and I thought… “Opto… give this a shot”. The problem is that I have no idea where to start, and I’d like to see what results I can bring into reality.

I would really appreciate some concrete suggestions. Though these are certainly not item’s I cannot live without, I wonder if I might have missed something, not empowered my servitor’s correctly or what things I might do/perform to bring physical object manifestation. Besides, it would be fun to see what I can actually do in this area.,

My spell casting has on-going favorable results, yet I have not been able to “cross the threshold” into actually attracting a physical object(s) into my possession. So I suppose my question would be a simple “how did you do it?” to those who have had success with this. I am eager to hear from anyone!

Not out of thin air but frequently I manifest objects into my life?

Is that what you mean?


If you did - just sink it in to your subconscious in the present that you have it then like with magick - let it go. Go make a sandwich :sandwich:

Subliminals, meditation, affirmation and vibrations. Pretty much the same.

Anything I’m not particularly fussed over- manifests fast. Anything a bit OTT I may not necessarily manifest the exact thing - like maybe I get a model of something or I keep seeing or hearing about something but it’s a conversation with the universe nonetheless

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It’s an interesting thing to be a part of isn’t it? The universe I mean…

I’m not really into the affirmation thing. It never really did anything for me except frustrate me in years past. Maybe now it might be different though. I dunno.

I also don’t think that I would be able to manifest anything out of thin air, but I do not bar that from happening in the future as a possibility, I cannot limit myself in that way, but were it to happen, it would be WAAAYYYY down the line.

I’m just trying to find out all about attracting things or objects of my desire and bring them into my life. I find myself wondering how it’s done, if I am missing something vital to success in this, regardless of what it is, although it would be material and not a soul. Perhaps I’m placing too much emphasis on the “want”. But regardless, as I said, I have made attempts at this but to no avail.

Thanks for your reply!!!

This is the purpose of EA’s Devil’s Stone ritual.


It’s the subconscious… tons of videos on YouTube re the law of attraction. It’s not the full thing… there are other laws but manifesting objects - quite easy as far as it goes.

I recommend Joseph Alai

Is it possible to create an astral object and evoke it to physical form with rapture state and use it?

A magician who also practiced seances, seemingly obtained materializations and at least in some cases he used a red light. So the same may probably be employed in another setting (e.g. ritual or radionic) and help achieving a physical manifestation.

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The Devil’s Stone ritual is used to manifest physical objects from “thin air.”

However, it is not instantaneous, because you still have to deal with the buffer of time, though the amount of time between the ritual and the manifestation becomes less and less the more one practices the ritual.


Is the ritual in one of his grimoires or is it on his youtube/site

It’s in the Mastering Evocation course.

Some years ago the topic L.E.R.M. ( Light Encoded Reality Matrix ) was somewhat popular in some occult/radionic forums. Search for it, when I find the pdf guide I will upload it here.
Oh, and the topic is more technical than magickal… the flow it’s like…

Get into theta state
Create a quantum cage
Apply the holographic representation of the object you want to ‘manifest’ into the quantum cage.
Release the object into this dimensional time/space.

There is more information of this topic on old forums that are still alive.


Can radionic materialize an object from the air?

please give me the link?