Actual grave of an intranquil Spirit

Hello everyone,

as much as I’m learning things there are a few things I’ve a lot of experience with, this question is really not for beginners and I would advice to avoid doing anything like this without experience.

So, I know a person (never met or anything just know it by stories) who is a legit intranquil spirit. Can’t really dress this, it was a suicide around 25 years ago, it happened in a family of I know.

The reason because I know that the the dead man is an intranquil spirit, that without any reason many members of that family were haunted even after 15 years of the dead.

And now here is the hard part of this thread, I need to perform a rite that involves a member of this family and that requires graveyard dirt.

Would you ever touch graveyard dirt of someone that you are 100% that’s an intranquil spirit? And then do a spell with it against the same bloodline?

Also this is just an idea, but I think using their family’s graveyard dirt could boost the spell by million times. But I’m really unsure so want to hear your opinions

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Maybe this helps you a little.

Nice, where is this from? I mean this ritual,actually it’s not extremely related to this topic but still looks like good to add to the collection

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Is a ritual inspired from one of the old grimoires and yeah it’s excellent to work with.