Actual Charity

Actual charity, is to award fearlessness and freedom to others, not to give them some material means of temporary pleasure or relief. Any material “charitable” arrangement will inevitably be crushed by the onward march of time. Thus only realization of one’s eternal existence beyond the reach of time can make one fearless, and only freedom from material desire constitutes real freedom, for it enables one to escape the bondage of the laws of nature. Therefore real charity is to help people revive their eternal, spiritual consciousness.

What you say makes sense, but not everyone is willing to accept the gifts of gaining spiritual consciousness, and some people are so brainwashed they don’t believe in anything like this, or would be convinced it was in some way evil. Even those that do wish to connect with their higher spiritual selves and abilities, it will take time to develop such insight and abilities. It does not happen over night, so while someone is waiting and patiently practicing to open that spiritual awareness or make use of their magickal gifts, what are they gonna do in the mean time? Or what will those who don’t believe in it do?

Humans have basic needs. Food, shelter, water, and clothing as by law you cannot walk around naked when your wardrobe wears out. Even if someone is learning how to manifest their basic needs and materialistic desires via magick, before they are able to accomplish such things, they cannot do without for the time being. So I don’t understand what you are saying. Everyone needs the basics and not everyone is willing to use a magickal means to gain something whether it be food, knowledge, spiritual attunement.

So real charity does very much so involve food and material necessities. We cannot survive without food and water, we cannot get a job for better finances if we do not bathe and groom ourselves. Charity, the type of help given, depends on what the person in need is seeking.