Activating Sigil With Animal Blood - How should i use that?

       i have animal blood not too fresh but still have the blood how should i use that for 
      evocation  ;  
  • Layering out the sigil with animal blood work as much as mine ? Or should i use my own ?

  • Dropping few drop ’ s to Candle ?

  • Or should use it for scrying ?

I think it depends on what Demon your calling upon because to my understanding some demons find animals sacred!

i ’ m thinking to evoke King Paimon & Belial

I think maybe you should look it up and see if they’re into that thing… Or even ask them and see what your intuition tells you, if your new try a penny divination

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Also some entities don’t even like blood offerings I know for a fact King Belial does as he just asked me for blood offerings last night

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Using your own blood will help you establish a better connection with the specific entity, I tested that.


I’ve found my own blood works. Fresh tends to be key, I’m not sure animal blood would have the same effect, unless it was something you raised. Giving something you had no use for isn’t much of a sacrifice in my opinion, as in I opened up a pack of chicken and instead of pouring the blood down the drain, here, you take it Belial. Here’s a chicken I’ve raised and have a use for (eggs, breeding, etc) now that’s a sacrifice.

I haven’t been in the situation of using an animal for sacrifice myself, and for those of you that cringe at the thought of it, from my research unless it was an offering to a chtonic deity (which I would assume most demons would fall into that category) practitioners or adherents generally ate the animal afterwards. At least when it came to greek and roman culture.

Least those are my thoughts anyway.


I wouldnt… animals are innocent beings and that might enrage someone.


It might, but animal sacrifice traditionally has been accepted as a practice for most of humanity, I think it’s more of a modern mindset that cringes at the thought. I’m fairly sure Azazel has connections in lore to a scapegoat that was sacrificed to him yearly by Jews

Pretty sure Moloch has a history of children being broiled alive in canaanite lore as well, may have been Baal. I want to say I think they found children’s remains at the temples, but I could be off, still pretty sure Google will turn up the latest with minimal effort.

I’m not advocating human or animal sacrifice, but just pointing out the abhorrence factor seems to be a fairly recent concept in terms of human approval. I’m not aware of many entities condemning those practices traditionally, aside from biblically. Likely best to ask them what they want.

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