Acting formula through Paimon request for name guide demon

To begin with the occult, I tried the formula (surely known by many of you) of Nagel (it seems to me to be him …) where you have to sit on a chair in a room and repeat Paimon 3 times, and finally recite: reveals to me the true name of a real demon, but in my opinion, it didn’t work. I summarize: I sat in my room and I recited as described above, in the evening I don’t remember why or the reason but had in mind Astaroth, in the bed in the evening was like a drowsiness(like sleep-awake on the bed) in which I found myself smoking near a window in my house and I saw a figure with white not very long hair, maybe Male,sudden but slow was about to get up…I’m have drowsiness like sleep-watch and know the symptoms,and think it was just that and my imagination did the rest…That scared me,and trying to move into bed to “wake up” in fact immediately calm shortly after slept fine.After that then nothing ever happened again. I have to specify that in the room where I slept we had a statuette of a jesus, one of the Madonna, which I removed (from my wife). However, I thought when I try in other way,if I get some lemon flowers, or fresh lemons in a jar, then I write the symbol of Astaroth from myself on a silk cloth,and Candle,would be better? I do not know because I got fixated with Astaroth(Female!) and what to act in the evocation Can anyone help me? it is better to portray and do things properly, before I do some mess …
Thank you for any help, advice, etc.:wink:

Hmm the rituals from C. Nagel are really the best. Are very simple but powerful. Great for beginners. The ritual must done during a hole week, right?

Spirits may have male and female energies, but they don’t have a gender. They may appear as both.
Plus, Astaroth may came to your mind for a specific reason. Instead of trying to fight it, I suggest you summon Astaroth and find out more.

PS: It’s “King Paimon”!




Let me elaborate: if you have worked with Him before, it’s ok to just say “Paimon” in your head in order to get yourself into the right mood or “vibe”, but I’d ask Him first if He’s ok with that. If you haven’t worked with Him before, it’s KING Paimon.


that demons have feminine and masculine energy I know, but I have read experiences of others in which they explain that the desire manifested in us to be able to access feminine energy comes true if we strongly desire it, it is also written on some books too , if it is true or not this is another topic. Also I am not trying to fight it, on the contrary I want to summon it to talk to him, to understand if he could be my guide Demon, if He / She accepted it, so I repeat not it’s me, but something else because it’s up to now: NOTHING. I asked you to give me advice on how to evoke it … I wrote if lemon flowers, or fresh lemons in a vase, candles and a silk cloth are ok with his drawn symbol loves (out of respect) from me. And what to say, the evocation: the words or phrases, if someone decides to tell me! What do you mean: It`s king Paimon? He doesn’t want or what, why do I read repeatedly that he is King Paimon? I have no fault if Nagel says to say his name (Paimon) three times out loud and ask them to reveal to me the real name of a Demon. with occultism, I stocked up on books over the Internet, and thought I’d start with that Formula and the Astaroth Demon. As for Nagel, he didn’t write anything about repeating it a whole week.
Finally, if it is Payimon, what should I do? Just expressed the desire to evoke demon guide and already make me problems :frowning:

That’s true indeed.

The forum already has the answer you seek. Check out the BALG FAQ or use the search function to find these threads. Use keywords such us “King Paimon”, “Astaroth”, etc.

In these threads you’ll also find offerings and the spirits’ enns.

No matter what you read elsewhere, you need to address King Paimon with his title as well. It’s out of great respect to the king and he finds it very insulting if you don’t.

King Paimon has many names, so it doesn’t matter. But you can call him “King Paimon” if you wish.

I mean, You have written that King Paimon that he doesn’t want,my interact with Astaroth, or I understand badly?
Thanks for the Feedbacks, Well it means that I have to look in the Posts as recommended by you through search, as for calling King Paimon and not Paimon, i was not disrespectful, is Nagel who writes to say only Paimon! … but I didn’t know what it is called in so many ways or KING PAIMON.Anyway… just roll up my sleeves if i want to get something

Actually, it’s the opposite. It’s okay to work with both spirits.

Do your best and good luck!