Acquiring Talent thru Demonic Means

Just had to post this piece of art I created. I am extremely proud of myself. I used to be a decent artist, only drawing on occasion, constantly putting my work efforts down “This sucks” or “this looks stupid” and instead of telling myself it doesn’t have to look stupid, I would give up, pout like a child and say damn, my art is horrible.

My ascension has instilled upon me an ever surfacing level of confidence to the likes of which I have never seen. Not a narcissistic I’m better than everyone else confidence, I cannot stand people like that, but the will to keep trying when my efforts seem like failures. The will to push on and say you know what, yeah that does suck but it doesn’t have to, I’m gonna keep at this until this shit rocks in my opinion.

After asking for some help with my artistic talents I found that the help is being given to me as a confidence booster. My talents have always been there, but I was always too lazy to bring them to my fullest potential. I am a perfectionist so if things are not to my liking on the first try, I would give up and say why try if my goal is not going to end the way I want it to end? Lately though, I have turned that type of thinking around and instead I say, this sucks, now what I can do to make this the best it can possibly be? and I do not give up until my mind is convinced I am satisfied.

The picture below may not even be that great, some may even hate it and some could probably do much better than me, but I spent 2-1/2 days working on this drawing non-stop. I didn’t even sleep during that 2-1/2 days until last night. I have unlocked a relentless dedication to my art and my music. My music still needs vast improvements but it’s getting better slowly. The last song I made recently called “The 9 Kings” which was a tribute to them of course, I didn’t even write down the lyrics to that song because I didn’t have to stop and think of them before hand. After making the musical composition, the lyrics just poured out of me, no thought behind them at all.

Here lately I swear I feel like I am channeling all of these lyrics and artistic compositions from somewhere. Not sure from where though or from who, but someone is definitely giving me a creative hand up. This all started after I asked for help with my art and music, and after asking a 2nd demon to add to the help, endless talent seems to be coming out of nowhere. Anyone have any similar experiences? Sorry If I seem braggish, I am just really proud of myself as art is one of my passions in life in addition to the occult, so to finally reach a level of achievement where at least I am proud of my accomplishments and to mix the two by creating occult themed art, has made me very happy here lately.

You’ve got skills. Dont ever doubt yourself . seeing is believing though! Great job

That’s beautiful! :slight_smile:

It is enigmatic, and so inspired, actually something i would put up on my wall.
It is almost as the cat is a sculpture, but still able to come alive, and she is looking at one, almost dearing one to come and seek for her help, guidance or approval. It is a trip in itself, and i will meditte over this image, since it has already sucked me in. I got the feeling that the pyramid in the background is small compared to her, not necessarily in size, but in presence and importance, since it would have not existed without her.

Inspirational to say the least, and now i have a new song working it´s way out nothing to notes, and feelings. I have not yet finished what i started recording last night even… Thank you so much for sharing this gift with us.

Thank you!

That’s exactly what I was thinking when I drew this. I wanted the cat to look half and half, so when you look at it you think is this a real cat or a statue? That’s why I added solid gold elements to the cat’s body. Like the cat is Tempting you to speak to it and hear what it has to say, allured by it’s golden accents which indicate the cat’s status of high achievement. And the woman has a look of accomplishment like, this cat can give you great knowledge, come and seek it out. She also serves as a protector for the cat.

For some reason, the woman I drew reminds me of Rose Mcgowan. But looking at her features, I can sort of see why.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but the spider on the medallion the cat’s wearing is missing 2 legs.

You meant the Scarabaeoidea?

Really? You only made a post just to tell me I made a mistake when I didn’t even make a mistake? That’s a scarab beetle NOT a spider, they have 6 legs not 8. That’s kind of overcritical don’t ya think?

This is freaking awesome :smiley: I love it

That’s a nice picture, I like it, reminds me of somebody I know.

It reminds me of american actress Rose McGowan from Charmed, Scream, Jawbreaker. The goth chic that dated Marilyn Manson in the 90’s.