Acquiring Money From Unexpected Means

This is really odd but, most of you probably saw my post I made the other day asking about which entity would be best to evoke for gaining small amounts of money but for long term, not for just one lump sum. I was asking about Bune and Berith, I think.

Anyway, I have not even gotten around to evoking either one of those two yet, I have just been thinking about it a lot because I have been so busy. In the meantime, I was going to do a simple money poppet to hold me over with some extra cash which I also have not gotten around to making either. So I have just been thinking about these things, have not acted on anything yet.

To my surprise, I get a letter in the mail stating that one of my main sources of income is going to increase starting next month which is odd because the evocation I was considering, I was going to ask for some extra cash to add to my house building progress and so I could just have some extra cash on hand for personal needs or wants. The increase was a small yet decent amount which will help me build my home faster as I will be getting almost $600 more per year.

So odd that just thinking about the money brought my desire into fruition and I didn’t even have to do anything on my end to get that raise plus, I was the only one who got that raise. What are the odds of that happening? Do you think it was my desire that gave me the raise, that I somehow projected my thoughts into the universe and did an accidental spell with the power of my thoughts, or do you think that one of the entities I am working with may have just known I needed the cash and they decided to help? Because the entities know I am building a house, but I have not asked them for help.

I am very grateful to whoever or whatever made this possible.

A few people have posted on here in the past about some magickal desire coming into manifestation before they did the actual ritual, though they’d usually planned it in detail and had 100% intention to see it through.

It’s happened to me sometimes when I did a lot of healing, the person would start to feel better or their other problems improve as soon as my intent was set and the date written in my diary.

I can only guess it has to do with time not being entirely linear, but it is a known phenomena, even a crystal healing circle I briefly joined (which was a bit woo-woo and fluffy) had the same experiences a couple of times.

Every teacher worth their salt will mention to do rituals as though you already have what you are asking for. Sometimes it is quite literally the case that we get what we want before we ask.

It may be your ancestors or spirits that are already close to you just looking out for you.

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I’ve had money appear when I’ve needed it in the past. It comes out of the blue, and from places you would never expect. Your attention, I believe, sort of primes the pump. I think of it as a sort of “unintentional magic”. Your intention alone acts as the ritual, and there’s no need to emotionally disconnect from it, since you haven’t actually done a ritual. It’s kind of a perfect storm.

It’s so weird how this happens. When planning a ritual you usually have to put all your intentions on the goal, then forget about it afterward. But when it just falls in your lap like this out of nowhere, there’s no need to practice the law of reserve effort because you didn’t even do a ritual or spell, so there’s no nervous waiting period where you hope you don’t keep thinking about it before it manifests.

This happens to me quite a lot. I remember the first time it happened. I was 6 years old and I wanted a kitty cat so bad after watching a witch movie on TV, I wanted a black cat. I kept wishing for it day in and day out. Eventually, I was standing outside and a little tiny black kitten comes up to me meowing. We went door to door to ask, and no one had lost a kitten. But I got the witchy black cat I wanted so badly. I named her Samantha Stevens, LOL, from Bewitched.

[quote=“Orismen, post:3, topic:5699”]Every teacher worth their salt will mention to do rituals as though you already have what you are asking for. Sometimes it is quite literally the case that we get what we want before we ask.

It may be your ancestors or spirits that are already close to you just looking out for you.[/quote]

I want to just echo Orismen’s comment. Don’t forget that time it not linear. We may plan to do a ritual, and that planning could take 2 weeks for instance, and in those two weeks we get the results before doing the ritual. That’s because time has no meaning, and from the moment you think of doing the ritual, through the whole process of planning it and the ritual itself is actually the Ritual, so your Will was manifest during the Ritual so to speak. You have to see the ritual to its fruition though because there is an energy build up which in lateral time terms has always been there, but you haven’t completed it physically so you need to do so. The spirits are counting on that energy.

Well, that’s the way I’ve always seen it anyway, so just my two cents worth :o)

Lon Milo Duquette tells a story about evoking a demon to get a new set of wheels. Very shortly, as in less than an hour or so after he finishes the ceremony, an acquaintance of his pulls up in front of his house and gives him his old car because he is moving out of town and will no longer need the vehicle. The gist of the story was that the guy made the decision to give Lon the car before Lon performed the ceremony. It was a very good example of how time is not linear as far as spirits are concerned.

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