Acne and dry skin spells

Anyone had success with beauty magic to clear skin and make it soft?
I have terrible acne and very very dry skin and looking for something to cure this


Yes actually! If you have a particular moisturizer you use then charge that with PURE life force and do the same with your bath water. Your hair and skin will love you for it :slight_smile:

Obviously charging a whole tub with life force is going to be harder to do (and leave you a lot more drained) than charging the moisturiser and face wash. If you can then concentrate/visualise on a forest that you are familiar with and project it’s energy into the bath water :slight_smile:

This isn’t magick but it works like a charm :slight_smile:Borage Oil supplement capsules. It was a top given to me by a doctor I consulted on anti ageing tech and he recommended that, and I did get a noticeable difference by the end of the first bottle, or I wouldn’t have bothered getting another because I’m not that patient.

Then similar to the idea above, wash your face with qi. You’ll see people like Mantak Chia doing this in videos, you clap your hands together, rub them hard briefly until they’re warm, then, with intention, wash that nice warn qi give your face and see it nourishing deep into the skin It’s a good way to wake up after a meditation as well.

The last thing is fasting, for the extreme healing that brings through autophagy. You can also combine that with an elimination diet to see if it’s something you’re eating that’s causing the problem, as opposed to stress or environmental toxins. The idea here is your skin is reacting to something, so find out what it is so you can counter that and stop the reaction.

Entities can help here as well, by leading you with signs or just talking to you about what to do to fix the problem. Marbas, Raphael and Ebuhuel are all good at this. This approach works well when you are simultaneously researching how the condition works.


It may not be magic but I had incredible results with subliminal audios related to skin, if you want to try them I can send you some that I use, it is about having faith that you will get the results and not obsessing, letting everything follow its natural course with positivity


Bone broth will work wonders due to collagen x

I’ve had success with subliminal also, if you wouldn’t mind sharing with me too I’d definitely make use of them :slight_smile:

I recommend the audios of that channel since they were fast and powerful in me, English is not my main language and I was in doubt about whether I should use it but they were just as effective as those of my language in Spanish

If someone is interested in listening to an audio in Spanish, I recommend the channel called “Roy” the best creator of subliminals in my language personally

Another channel but it is not subliminal that I recommend is “Sapien Medicine”, it has a lot of binaural beats related to the skin such as acne treatment, collagen, stem cells, tissue regeneration, etc. You can use the one that best applies to your situation.


Thanks for the share, personally I use my own beauty stuff but I’m definitely into subliminal and have found them incredibly useful over the years. Here is the channel I used to use

P.s. that’s not to say I won’t be looking at the channel and what other things they offer subliminal to assist. Thank you again.

Denada :ok_hand:, listening to them for 6 months helped me make the results permanent, combined with a booster the effects will be much better and faster

Although as I said before, the important thing is not to obsess and not look at yourself so much in the mirror desperately looking for changes, I learned this late and spent 9 months without results due to my stubborn and distrustful mind

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