Achieving photographic memory?

Hello peops,
I was just wondering has anyone here ever tried to achieve photographic memory, if so where should I start looking? Which spirits should I be looking to work with? Just a student here trying to rmb shit I study, so I can pass them exams :blush:



Subliminals might help with this :slightly_smiling_face: I dont know what spirit you shold look for this though,sorry.

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Yeah I know about subs.

Its all cool


I remember hearing Paralda and other spirits of the air can do this?


Interesting, I will look into that. Thank you.

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Originating in Ancient Greece, spanning to the 18th century, there was a sort-of standard method in ‘Art of memory.’ Otherwise known as the ‘method of locii’

This is how orators in the Roman senate spoke for 20 minutes with no script.

Today, virtually all memory champions and polyglots use this, and scientific evidence shows changes in neuro pathways or whatever.

Essentially, it maps short term memory (info you want to store), with long term memory, making the short term into long term.

This is done by taking structures in your LT memory (like your house) and storing the ST within. Eventually, most people create their own structure ‘ie memory palace’ which eventually becomes set in the LT and optimized for the method.

Cicero himself probably used the astrological chart, as did many others, highly useful, this also entails a number system.

Memory was of extreme importance until the mass production of paper in the early 19th century.

All of this also has to do with esoteric stuff, and I’m sure you can build a memory palace explicitly on the astral.


Here´s a memory coach (elite level) he helps celebrities and CEOs learn faster and memorize more.



Thanks man, this is interesting

Memory coach is a thing :joy::joy: alright thanks, I’ll take a look at that

Yeah, thanks man

I think there is something related to that topic in the Ars Notoria

Are you really sure you want it, I have a good memory and I have spent years learning on how to forget things.


how to forget things?

Blue Ray Meditation? Ea said after about 21 days he achieved near perfect photographic memory. Maybe search for that meditation, I am sure it somewhere on the forum.


I know about that meditation its on youtube.

What he’s saying, is that some experiences you may want to forget rather than remember it perfectly.

Yeah my memory used to be amazing (still really good) and it would replay every mistake I ever made over and over. I had to train to forget.

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How did u do it?

I was born with it, problem is I can’t choose what my brain chooses to save that way. Now from time to time if I take something that interests me and stare at it or re-read it multiple times it will occasionally remember it that way but I don’t really know a way to force it to work. I will be checking out these suggestions though to see if maybe I can get it to work lol