Achieving permanent results?

My difficulty is; suppose I solve problem A with magick, prayer or meditation. Then I go on working on solving problem B. But while I work on it… problem A slowly comes back again. Everything goes back to the lousy normality. It’s like bulding one castle of sand while another crumbles.

I’ve been 17 years (!) already, investigating religions and magick, tried many methods and paths and it always happens the same to me. Except in Hinduism, which gave me a couple of permanent gifts. But I wouldn’t want to go back to Hinduism; I find it very hard to separate the path from the culture.

What do you think it could be the problem? Maybe it’s just that I didn’t stay in the same path long enough?


Usually when I see the same problem over and over it’s a clue to myself that I made the wrong choices, did the wrong things or otherwise did not handle things the way I wanted, or should have depending on what it is of course.

I’ve found that responding correctly instead of repeating my mistake (they call that insanity don’t they? To repeat them I mean) eliminates the issue and it no longer comes up as a scenario in my life.

For example, last year I found myself staying with someone just because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings.

It was an almost exact repeat of a 13 year abusive relationship and I almost fell for it again. Luckily I got angry enough to stand for myself and toss that to the curb and choose what I did actually want, instead of choosing not to hurt someone’s feelings just because I felt bad.

I’ve seen quite a few of these the last year, where I’m like dammed, is life on repeat, then realized it was about me making mistakes in the past, and the correct actions simple caused those scenarios to melt away easily, without even using magic to do so.


There’s so much of truth in this statement. I find it difficult to stop repeating these cycles but when one overcomes it its really rewarding

Maybe for you but I do change paths often or Deities and never had this issue. If you feel connected to Hinduism maybe continue there. Yes it’s hard to separate the Deities from the cultural misconceptions but it’s possible. Indra and the Vedic Gods may be what you’re looking for


Maybe I didn’t explain myself, It’s hard for me to concentrate everyday in something Indian while I have nothing to do with that culture. I don’t hate Indians or their culture, I admire them, but it’s not something I feel identified with. I feel more at home with Celtic or Norse things. But those paths were too difficult.

Yes, a Vedic path is a good idea anyway.


Ahh I understand now. The Norse path I follow for the most part. It depends on the beings you choose to work with mostly. Odin can be more strict and teach darker lessons while I find Freya and Freyr to be more gentle and forgiving.

I wouldn’t worry too much about sticking with one path. Follow your intuition but also trust your gut

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