Achieving Peak human level?

No I don’t want to be able to lift trucks or run through dimensions, what I’m asking is if through Magick and Spirits, one can achieve peak human abilities like agility, durability or peak human athleticism? While off coursr training in real life

I’ve found several subliminals that can help with this and the level I’m talking about is similar to Batman, Arrow, Ezio Auditore Da Firenze or the Heros in ancient Lore.

Thanks in advance

I don’t know if spirits or spells can do anything, but I do know qi gong and kundalini can.

In the book Path Notes of An American Ninja Master, after going through the kundalini, the author, an overweight smoker and hobbyist, was able to go toe to toe with professional ninja.

Kundalini increases speed, strength, and brain processing power, allowing you to think faster.


Batman, Green Arrow and Ezio are greatly exagerated. A good chunk of what they do is possible, yes, but keep in mind that you’re talking about fiction.

Now, running as fast as U. Bolt? Maybe. But surely magick can get you close. What do you need to keep in mind is that people like Bolt doesn’t have bodies like yours and mine, is just not only the training.

Now, with magick and training and good eating habits? You can be top notch. If that’s enough, then yes.


Not what you asked for but this demonstrates the power of chi.

Not the third video.

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Qi Gong seems awesome it’s a shame there’s no teachers nearby. As for the spirits, I’ve been contemplating working with the various kung fu Animals. I’m just thinking abkut how to go through with it.

[quote=“DarkestKnight, post:2, topic:120025”]
Kundalini increases speed, strength, and brain processing power, allowing you to think faster

Side effects suck though.

They’re not as far off as say Superman or Capitan America but yeah if someone had their back broken like Batman did, I doubt they’d have such a happy ending.

I think their time training (sincr they start young) also plays a role.

Diet is tough :joy::joy::joy:… But helps immensely.

Chi is energy and is very relevant to the topic. Shaolin Monks are awesome at that stuff

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no can do. physical peak performance require training the physical body of which no other way other than reality of mundane efforts. Sure there are genes and certain organs condition to function better performance . it still dependent on using your physical body’s ability. you can have all the will power you want, however, your body have limits. Its’ really common sense logic. People always are unrealistic. If you use your critical thinking skills , you could of answered it yourself. why else people can’t do many things at age 60 vs age 20. limitations of body.

and the monks trained since they were 5 yrs old every day. U got that kind of time? there’s a reason they start training them when they are young. Its’ called conditioning of mind/body/energy/ spirit of the physical body and not just in the head magick. which prove the importance of living in reality of one’s physical form of which soooo many magick wannabes tend to dismiss.

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:laughing: This is so wrong.

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What side effects? lol

None of the books written by people who have gone through the kundalini talk about side effects. Morris had none, and neither did Krishnamurti. The dangers are during the process, not afterwards.

Well, okay, one side effect is the enhanced strength. Morris mentions one of his students who worked in a lab and kept causing exploding beakers because he didn’t know how to properly regulate his strength when he picked them up, and Morris himself went through a period of ripping the handles off car doors.


Any book recommendations on qigong and kundalini?

Technically each individual has their own “peak level” as in genetics play a good deal in your agility, durability, general human athleticism, so maybe magick coupled with actual years of training could help you peak in your own manner of speaking but unless you can alter your genetics to include furthering possibly…?


Grammer Nazi identified :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah if I try that, I’m gonna wind up breaking a lot of shit​:joy::joy::joy:… Btw does the Kundalini help with agility /durability and other such skills?

Yeah this sounds like what I’m going for :ok_hand:t3: keeping the peak too.

Yes, it enhances speed, and agility. Like I said, it allowed Glenn Morris to compete with the high level professional ninja as a hobbyist. However, it doesn’t do much for durability. You can still get bruised and hurt.

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So knowing me, I’d probably end off snapping my neck with the strength :joy::joy::joy:

Maybe balancing that with iron body quigong will help

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