Achieving opposite results for some reason in magick

Now I have some exprerince in magick both in theory and in practice, however there are some times when it seems like Im only achieving the opposite of the desired results.

(this isn’t an ongoing issue, but rather it just comes up from time to time)

It might be associated with the desire for results, but idk

Althought things might be actually falling into place, and it only seems to me that don’t

do you guys have any idea why that happens / how to fix it? :confused:

Binding the undesired results should fix that! Also avoid focusing on the undesired results while casting by immersing your self on the desired results!


It’s the beginning of Chaos magic… is an excellent sign that with more work and study you can get to be a very powerful witch


The italian hermetist Kremmerz followed the school of thought where a magician does the working more than once.
He explained that it may happen to see opposite results, but at such a point it’s crucial to keep doing the ritual.

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Do more rituals where you would desire the results so that you forget your main ritual and keep distracting yourself until you don’t care any more

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Does it involve any form of sex magick? That is too easy to mess up and why it is not recommended for noobs in some circles.

It doesn’t involve any sex magick, but thanks for the heads up :+1: