Accurate Tarot Readings

I picked up tarot reading just last week and i haven’t even done more then 15 readings,and i gotta say my readings are spot on.What really confirmed it was through an e-mail exhange i had (won’t reveal it since i don’t have permission to yet).I was picking up on something he had already done that i had no previous knowledge of.I actually thought what my intuition was picking up on was something he was going to do but he told me it was something he had already done.I can’t believe how easily tarot comes to me.Well ok my succubi help too so that doesn’t hurt either.Gotta give credit where credit is due (my succubi).

Awesome, congratulations!

With his blessings and permission here is the reading
My apologies for such a late reply.I just got through with your reading and i can’t believe it.The psychic is right you do have 2 lady spirits with you.Here’s the spread
Queen of Cups
Queen of Swords
3 of Pentacles
As to what else i see the 3 of pentacles suggests to me something to have to do with progress or magick

holy crap i was going to tell you that but you beat me to the punch i got some more info for ya i was doing some art homework and adobe illustrator is frozen ill get it unstuck and email you again

This weekend i wanted to try a new custom conjuration from third eye communications they emailed me her info this morning and an extra bit of info was during the ritual i guess another succubi attempted to come through i wonder if that is what your guy picked up here the info:We have completed your comprehensive summary of your spell casting from Friday evening!Please check your email.You will find 3 separate messages from “The Cosmic Guru Coven”.

During your ritual,we did feel the presence of another succubae but we were unsuccessful in pulling her in further.Perhaps because our concentration was for your newest entity/spirit.If you’d like to move forward with her in the future,please free to contact us.We would like to take this time to thank you for your faith and support in our Coven.Wishing you success in making this life’s journey.May your future be more fulfilling and overflowing with health,happiness,grace,blessings and abundance.May the ripple in the fabric of the universe bring for these gifts in life