Accidently astral projecting using an alarm clock

Now, I don’t think this is a common technique to practice with… since normally alarms jarr most people out of a deep trance… But heres a little weird thing I thought I’d share. For two nights in a row, I had alarm set to wake me (a very soft ringtone though) And I had actually slipped out of the body twice to turn it off. First time I got mega pissed and just threw the phone at the wall to break it… second time I just swiped it

Now it wasn’t anything like a dream… Everything was hypervivid just like my normal projections.

Why I said its a lazy/ ineffective technique is because…

A. it’s easy to assume th physical body is awake and just… not really attempt to do anything

b. If it didnt work it just ends up messing up your sleep > .>

so there!

Two words, I’ve used them on “magick” and all its trapping and sidecars of nonsense since I was eight: whatever works!

A toast to that!