Accidentle Activation

I was just looking at a lot of sigils of various demons layed out, and with no intent to activate the sigils I felt a demonic host before me. I had nothing prepared in mind to say… So I pulled out of the rapture and collected the sigils… Could these demons get offended if I waste their time like that?

How were u in rapture just looking at a sigil?

I found myself in rapture not meaning to go there. I became overwhelmed by the power present and was unable to command it in anyway. There was about 8-10 Demons standing before me waiting for my command and I had nothing.

Well if your new then that’s uncanny. U don’t have to give them tasks, you can simply state that u would like to get to know them and there essence better, when u have no physical task, request forbidden knowledge. I never command anything except they stay the fuck away from my family and I do so without a speck of fear. Keep at it if what u say is true your on the path to splendid awakenings.


I have NEVER been able to access altered states of consciousness like that… Let alone accidentally…

Godamn. That makes me even more frustrated. Some people can ACCIDENTALLY enter rapture? When I can’t do anything of the sort after about 6 years of trying now.

I slip into theta and rapture 10 times easier and faster when I’m high on cannabis… give that a shot.

If you ever put faith into the idea that you contact an entity eternally the instant you’ve opened a sigil, then they have always been waiting for you to realize once again they are present and aware of you.

Do you ever hear people say “if you feel ‘drawn’ to one of them, use that entity”.

You know, you may think you are drawing the sigil, but it is you who is being drawn to do the work. You have already done this ritual, whether it be in the future, or 1000 years ago, or in some other parallel reality. This entity sits there, waiting for you to call it and to be aware of it, it came to you, and tried to draw you to it’s sigil.

One of my friends, and her sister, realized this when they tried to contact some dark pagan gods from antiquity, only to find they didn’t need to be called forth at all, these things had simply been watching and waiting, for centuries for this person to pick up the path again. When they were called they stepped forth as if they had been waiting for the invitation to return. It is truly eternal.

You have already accomplished that which you may be fearful of, so being afraid is a waste of your time when you should be enjoying your accomplishment.

You’re predestined to be damned eternally as god in the company of this spirit, your souls are forever ensnared in a quantum entanglement…If of course you choose to be aware of it by opening the sigil, because until you look and you do that, every sigil you come across is in a potential state of simultaneously being opened and not opened. But once you open Pandora’s box, it is open forever.

But the astute sorcerer will perhaps ask if he hasn’t already done this, and that’s why he isn’t already here.

This experience is whatever you want it to be, and magick is simply the most powerful tool to alter reality because it operates on the foundational levels of the universe. In the end, it’s not really doing much except giving you godlike power over a world that is less real than the “matrix”. You have infinite power to direct and control the illusion, with magick. And that’s why you can choose to remember, or forget. It only appears that you are really learning about something you already knew. That is an inescapable fact, even if this life is the initiation of contact with these dark forces…If that’s so, opening the sigil will reveal to you that this entity will not only not leave you, but has in fact always been with you, now that you are familiar with it, you will suddenly become aware of the dark phantoms that have visited you many times before. Opening the sigil is stepping into the crucible of the soul.

Things that have happened will be brought into perception for what they were, and empowered with recognition.


If you’ve had this happen, it’s a sign.

Just be careful about which sigils you open, because the truth is, the moment you open any sigil, you’ve internally entangled the entity. Opening the sigil is to cross a Rubicon that initiates a quest with the entity that reveals the illusion of separation between you and the entity through the perceived universe is nothing more than a gamble of human perception entirely, because you already one with it.

I was just looking at a lot of sigils of various demons layed out, and with no intent to activate the sigils I felt a demonic host before me. I had nothing prepared in mind to say.. So I pulled out of the rapture and collected the sigils.. Could these demons get offended if I waste their time like that?

Also, I’ve had moments like this happen when I was high, just by focusing on the spirits name, the results ended deeply in possession that I did not want to leave, and that I had to be shaken out of more or less, and my ego really thought touching that power was amazing, but way too terrifying to call out in a ritual.

You are Already God,
-Frater Apotheosis

Weed is too fucked up for me, I have uncontrolled thoughts and sensations and just can’t focus on anything for the life of me

How about heroin? I am very familiar with heroin. I am soon going to experiment with attempting AP after a fresh shot of .1 - .2 of good dope.

Idk I shy away from any kind of opiate or big pharma drug… I stick to entheogens and natural forms of altering my consciousness.

cannabis is nether an opiate nor a “big pharma drug” it is a natural substance, speaking as a medical cannabis user there are a wide variety of strains that have different effects both energizing and relaxing depending upon weather it is a indica or setiva dominant strain. can put you in a trance state but like anything else it can be a tool and like any tool, if you wish to use it you are going to have to fine tune your dosage to consistently get the effects you are looking for. Being in a state that allows me to not only legally use it but cultivate it as well allows me to talor it to my needs rather than getting it from some back alley peddler wherein you don’t know what you are getting. think of it like wine, say you want a nice zinfindel or perhaps a merlot, so you go to a dealer for whom wine is wine and he sells you a bottle of Thunderbird. “Hey it’s wine” he’d say, yeah in a manor of speaking but it is not the type you are looking for, same holds true with cannabis.

do I recommend it for someone just starting out? no. if you have some ritual experience with various trance states and you are open to experimenting, then educate yourself to the various strains available and go from there. this will give those interested a brief overview

Yeah, when i tried mj i noticed i could slip into tgs more easily. I would highly recommend staying away from any other “drugs” though. Where as in my studies of the brain with different angles through metaphysics, i have found that utilizing different drugs it can cause one to develop bigger barriers on their psyche. If you would do anything other than mj, try dmt.

It has been noted in various shamanistic circles through a few of my tribes to connect one more to Godhood and opens more potential of the human mind.

Just a thought to consider.

Also, @Illustrious, have you ever considered that because you have done heroin it has limited your mind to enter altered states? My old manager was a cocaine head, even though he was clean for the past few years, he was never able to “settle down” and relax due to the psychological effects it had on his mind and maybe even his “spiritual self”.

I think you misunderstood I was referring to what Illustrious said about heroin. No need to defend cannabis I am a stoner haha.

I was, but a good friend, @1gza, recommended i stop because it could interfere with my magick/evocations.