Accidentally summoning movie characters :

Ever since I learnt that this is possible, I’ve been a bit worried that I may do it by accident. In fact I dread that I may have accidentally summoned / invoked some horror movie characters but I specified harm none. I do feel a headache and Light nausea.

Should I ask my Patron to help me remove them? Or is it just tricksters / my mind.

This is beacause I dread that I may have accidentally did this

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Some spirits will take the guise of a fictional character to get your attention.


Possibly since from a Horror movie character, it changed to Megamind and ran away screaming :thinking:

That probably means something if you unpack the symbols.

Horror movie characters are generally monsters, so from a monster to megaman indicates that it changed from something inhuman and unrecognisable to something “closer” but still far out, effective, and yet taking it as a game.


I thought about summoning John Wick. He’s a badass.

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This is no accident but a direct response to your ritual requests. It sounds like whatever your ritual the Deitys response is his displeasure with the visions of horror movie characters along with the unexplained illnesses. Looking at your other post about the fictional movie monster morphing into Megamind screaming at a run appears that he is not taking you seriously and all are clear signs that your ritual requests will not be acceded to.


That’s a good sign then as I didn’t really perform a ritual?

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Good thing then as it sounds as though you might have or were comtemplating a ritual visualizing classic horror characters.

It must be your mind. I would stick with dealing with known deitys that can fulfill your requests rather than calling out to Dracula and hoping perhaps that something will respond.

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