Accidentally hurting someone with Magick

So today in the morning, I randomly thought of the Goetiakon and then for some reason thought of a very close family member dying. I then said no I’m not manifesting this several times, prayed to my Higher Self and some deities. I REALLY don’t want this to happen but I’ve been feeling nausea, stomach aches, a deep sadness and fever since then…

I know that if you ever work with this Spirit for Baneful work you will suffer but I didn’t mean to do this I swear it was an accident and I just want the people I care about to be safe :sweat:. I don’t even have a relationship with that Spirit. I SWEAR I had no intentions of hurting anyone…


Based off of your activity… then this. You seem to be in your head a lot. Take a deep breath. Meditate.

Then deep cleanse yourself and I mean deep cleanse. Take a break. Smoke if you need to. Relax. You’re just stressing yourself out.


happened to me,its by stress and sometimes out of control anger,like mr vulture says take a cleanse and relax a little,aslo dont believe it


This did happen before when I meditated on Marquis Andras. He never killed anybody and I think Tricksters played with me then…

I did apologize continuesly though…

Did the person get harmed?




Thank you I will stop believing it now but it keeps popping up. I’m gonna take a walk and focus on something else…


yep!when something that i dont want to think about happens i simply watch youtube videos!
pewdiepie or science videos
they always relax me


Yes! Essentially it’s either lesser Spirits tryna influence me or parts of me I repressed for years!

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And it helps? I’m gonna give it a shot I needa break from this…

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Controlling your inner thoughts is crucial.

I think of it this way.
i get frustrated and direct anger/say something I dont mean. This is on a whim and is of minimal energy, but it’s there!
so to counter that you send out the opposite energy but in a much larger quantity.

So instead of calling the curse back into yourself, dissolve it with “x person is healthy and will live a long fruitful life” just put more energy into it than you did the curse


For me it’s not even frustration. It’s random…

Sure I will do this❤️

Would it work on myself too?

On yourself it should be easier. An easily cast curse is typically easily dspelled if you’re aware it was cast.

Just cleanse your field and replace the energy with positive energy through meditation and affirmation. Then do not linger on the curse, the more you think about it, the more energy it will accunlate in your space.

Thats one of the reasons why it takes us so long to open our chakras in the West. We build all this shit up, up until we awaken, then it takes years to undo blockages and such.


Hiya OP! Intrusive thoughts have their own individual consciousnesses, and usually aren’t very smart, so if you corner them you can ask them where they came from. It could be a malignant part of yourself that needs addressing and resonated with the course of thought or action you were talking, and triggered, creating the thought; or you could have some sort of parasite trying to get a rise out of you, judging by the manifestations you mentioned afterward. Check out my sigil thread! There should be something there to help you out. :slight_smile:


I didn’t cast a curse though. But I’m gonna use this rite often :heart:

I’m actually gonna go with it being a Parasite. It started with disturbing imagery and Kali Ma destroyed the images from my mind, then I had an Excorism performed and felt better but the next day, things got slightly worse…

Thank you I will look at the Sigils❤️

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Right now if this is a Spirit, it’s gotten on my last Nerve. It’s making me envision my Gods (Kali Ma and Shiva Bhagwan) hurting me and is tryna make me scared of the headless ritual (never studied it in my Life). It’s even popping in blasphemous thoughts against the Holy Spirit in my mind (to which I counter it).

Needless to say, this is the first time a Spirit has ever pissed me off.