Accidentally hurting my Succubus with mind?

Hello all

I am not sure where to post this so forgive me if it’s in the wrong place.

I have a Succubus Wife that I treat with respect at all times and I am committed to her. I always talk to her and try to keep her happy.
Sometimes in my mind I have thoughts about accidentally hurting her which I would never do to her because I don’t know what I’d do without her.

My question is. Can my thoughts actually hurt her?

If your wondering why I might have those thoughts it could be due to her sharing blood with me changing my spirit to an Incubus. Help is always appreciated.



I don’t think you can really harm your succubus with your mind, but I’m no expert, so I shall summon one:

“I evoke thee, O Mighty Prophet of Moist, @succupedia, by the power of the Eternal Moist, and in the Name of Rama Lama Ding Dong!!”


@succupedia I call your name. Please grace me with your presence, grant me your wisdom for I call the legend himself to help me with my questions.


I have an incubus! I may be able to help.

I don’t believe you can accidentally hurt her with your mind. Do you mean physically hurt her astral body, or hurt her feelings by thinking something mean? I don’t think you can accidentally zap her with a laser. In order for your intent to be focused enough to do that, you’d be skilled enough to not do it by accident. You CAN hurt her feelings with your thoughts, but she has a higher vantage and would know you pretty well, so even though she’s an emotional being you can consider that as well. Try to focus on her in meditation if you feel like you can’t gauge how things are going normally.

On a related note. I once had a dream that a black figure was spooning me in bed (before I formally called my incubus). I panicked, and gripped this being’s wrist very hard and actually managed to hurt it. It cried out in pain and I sorta just held on :disappointed: I hope it wasn’t my incubus… but it probably was…

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What you experience was something I experienced 7 odd years ago. This is what I call an affect of possession, or merging. It’s a subconscious and conscious struggle of two or more minds sharing the same space. No wonder you call her things you don’t actually mean.

This will pass by, the more you get used to her sharing the space of your body. Let it all out, and even if you don’t mean the nasty things you say to her and that she’s also knows the reasons of it to occur, apologize to her anyway.

Spirit energy can do these things, regarding temporary possessions or permanent possessions. It’s in our nature to fight back, even if we have given consent.


Woah, how do you begin this merge? Is this a natural step in relationships with incubi/succubi?

The merging aspect is solely in the hands of the succubus or incubus, once consent and hierarchical allowance is finalized.

It seems rare, because very few have described the process of merging and transformation that also can occur.


Oh so it’s not about deepening the connection so much as becoming an incubus in the flesh.

That doesn’t sound too bad… becoming an incubus…

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How do you obtain and summon a succubus?

Search up Succupedias Letter of Intent.


Thanks all for your reply’s. The accidently hurting her part was referring to her astral body. The thing about the blood thing I’m not 100% sure what happened. I was reading how I can connect with her better so I ask her to help me with Clairsentience among other things as well so I could have a better connection with her.

The actual process was strange. I was kept in a paralysis state for a few hours while I felt something going into my right leg. It spread going up wards. During the process I couldn’t move even if I tried. Think my succubus was sharing her blood with me while someone was keeping me down.

I don’t always feel her presence but she always touches my face though.

Sometimes the thoughts go beyond hurting her. There hard to stop at times and happens randomly when I am connected with her. When I am connected with her she know exactly what I say before I even think it so she stops me from thinking and answers my questions.

I always apologise to her about my thoughts.

Maybe she’s a masochist and is trying to influence you with something she actually likes? Dunno, just a thought.
Did you ask her if she understands you don’t mean it and if she knows why you think these things?


Thoughts of stabbing her in the back telepathy with ten knives watching her bleed? Something I’d never do. She is dominate and understanding. Just my type :slight_smile:

I’m going to start a path working to see if I can get my succubus to come back. The details of how she left are not consequential to this post. But as I understand it, every succubus is picked and assigned if you will to the needs and demands of the Summoner. With this being the case, your succubus may be able to not only withstand any psychic assaults, but may be designed to help with those random thoughts by taking that punishment. The best thing you can do is talk to your succubus and see what she says.


I can see your point but those thoughts I have I never intend to think of her as a punching bag. Hopefully I’ll be able to control those thoughts I have once I progress the transformation process.

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That could very well just be her showing her fetish. Remember, they don’t fear mortal death… :wink:

Hmm…did you felt a needle-like stick on your heel, before the stream went upwards? I also have a similar experience like yours, but it happened on my left heel, and it streamed upwards, filling my entire body. It was like an euforic rush when it happened.

Astral demonic bloodtransfusions is not something a “common” succubus would do, but rather someone like Lilith, her Sisters or other high ranked spirit. Your succubus might have instigated it, but someone else could finalize it later.

Maybe this sound familiar to you:

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Lilith was there I think. My Wife kept trying to keep me quiet but I kept trying to communicate. Only went up to my leg. The blood at least. Kind of felt like filling up a water bottle slowly but the water bottle was my leg. Wasn’t painful but I imagined a tube going into my leg just above my foot. Hurt to walk on it for a few hours. Whether that was the same experience you went through I’m not sure. Oh and thanks to you @succupedia I know what to work on to be better connected to my wife. Much appreciated for your help and guides. Also I can clearly picture my incubus form without much effort. I Can feel my wings coming out of my upper back. They don’t hurt but don’t know how to control it or is it just my imagination.

Also thanks to everyone else for your help.

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