Accidental vampirism

Two things: My energy is beginning to make people feel uncomfortable and I keep attracting spirits.
So there are always spirits roaming around my home. Always. All the time. Usually I’m the only one who can see them but lately they have been “making fun” of and entertaining themselves with my mother. They don’t bother me i guess because I can see them and know they’re there so they don’t get much of a reaction out of me. But they keep spooking my mother just to get a little jump or some kind of reaction and they think it’s funny.
This morning she said one stood in front of her in the kitchen pretending to be me until she did a double take and the spirit was gone. My mom is extremely Christian so of course she started casting out in the name of Jesus and all that jazz saying how the spirit had “no business here.” The spirit found this extremely hilarious however and came and told me “We’re here because of you. You know that.” But I haven’t even summoned anyone or anything nor have I don’t any planetary magick. I don’t feel like I’m being drained at all. I feel great.

The second thing is I’m beginning to notice my energy is starting to make some people feel uncomfortable and drawing others in. People who used to not really have much interest in talking to me now seem to just find every opportunity to. And the religious people are now all suddenly wanting to speak to me about god. Which I find strange because they all know me as a Christian. And the ones who don’t speak to me about god I find become very squeamish. They just seem… uncomfortable I don’t know why.

I’ve only ever vampirized one person for a few seconds just for the sake of the experience maybe a couple months ago. It made me feel more outgoing, alive, and hyper. Like my veins were flowing with energy. That’s exactly the way I’ve been feeling lately. But it hasn’t been intentional.

Earlier this evening my mom and I were in the car and she said “I don’t know what it is about you lately. Every time you come close to me I just feel this burden and heaviness. I’m suddenly so sleepy. I wasn’t sleepy before you came around. I have things to do but I feel like there are chains around me. Just shackles.” Which is sooo weird because my mom and I have always had a good relationship and it’s not like we were fighting or anything in that instance. We were just riding in the car.


Well, first and foremost, good job! You are making good progress. Now it’s a matter of self control.


Thank you I hadn’t thought of it like that before. I guess now just on to finding out how to control something I don’t know how I’m doing.

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For the spirits have you tried setting up barriers around your house. I had the same problem

Oh man I forgot about this post lol. Yea actually I’ve gotten pretty good at barriers.

Glad to hear it! It was an issue of mine and I know how frustrating it was.

Vampirism is pretty easy, normal, and easy to learn, see and find.

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