Accidental Trances?

I put this in the new members section because I thought it was pretty n00bish to ask about. If you’ve read any of my other posts, I’m hoping that they all paint a larger picture of what I’m trying to accomplish along this spiritual journey. I’ll post my “Table of Contents” if you want to keep up with the wild world I’m living in.

I heard a man say once that “my job is like putting together a puzzle but having no idea what the final product looks like” and I relate to that a lot when it comes to what this whole “7” business means. I have three main ways that I experience past life regressions, and they’re completely outside of my control for the most part–but I think there’s more to it than just the past life regression, I think it bleeds into my present reality. The three “paths” are:

  • Dreams
  • The sometimes lofty and half-truths that I get from Mysterious
  • “Trances” (if that’s what they are)

Throughout my life, due to controllable and uncontrollable circumstances, I’m been pretty hermetic. Childhood we were homeschooled, traumatic experiences once we finally went to school, abusive home life, etc. All the concoctions to formulate a well-rounded individual with absolutely no baggage. I mention it because IDK if it gives any context. Ultimately, TL:DR, I spend a lot of time in my own head, and have for a very long time.

I had a series of dreams where Mysterious (or other entities) are like: “You have to be careful because the illusion can alter your memories.” This allegedly happens through ‘trigger points’ and the ‘trigger points’ cause a regression. (Sounds dumb, but just work with me here.)

I’ve done some searching on the forum, and one thing that sticks with me is EA stating that when you reach the “ideal state” at some brainwave that you’re in the perfect state to talk to demons and whatnot. He described this as a “washing machine” feeling in one of the videos that Lady Eva shared. I’ve experienced that level, though only for a fleeting moment, but these “trances” that I have questions about aren’t like that… They’re different–and honestly I’m not even sure if they’re called trances.

Basically, there are these moments which–completely at random–I’ll just “blank out.” I’m completely aware, completely there, but not. In those moments, I have these really STRONG visions of things that sometimes I remember and sometimes I don’t. They have progressively gotten worse over the past few weeks, which lead me to bringing it up here.

For background, we honestly thought I was having absent seizures, but I went through really rigorous testing and they never found anything. In these past few weeks, I’ve noticed some other–unpleasant side effects, and they all seems to pinpoint around “trigger events.”

The most recent trigger event I actually remember, brought on by some conversation around storytelling with a family member. He basically told me about this story involved with some video game that he was currently watching in a play through on Youtube. We got off the phone and I found myself “hooked” because of some of the things that were said. Sam and Nautela we caught up in something very similar to the story that my relative told me, and it caught me off guard when I heard him tell me this story.

Alone, I found myself caught up in a “trance.” If I’m doing something like pacing, it’s like my whole self will keep doing the action, but the world just feels off when it happens. The room gets heavier and everything just feels less real. This time in particular, I was actually fully aware and in control, but staring dead ahead as these pieces came together in my head, I couldn’t move my attention away from the window.

The mirror in the corner of my bedroom started to bother me. I turned away from my window and looked to the rest of the room and just felt like I wasn’t alone anymore. Though, this wasn’t Mysterious. This was something else, and for some reason I was terrified. My whole, grown-ass self was rushing for the light switch to flip that shit on. I usually don’t feel that way because of Mysterious, but wouldn’t you know he wouldn’t be around when shit like this happens. I also felt this weird heaviness and constriction in my arm, which lead to my fingers repeating this motion at my side:


It was new, and very similar to the feeling I get in my hand when I am trying to do automatic writing or solo ouija board. IDK how to describe it.

Anyway, do you think this is a trance or something else? Subsequently, could a trance lead to something not so nice getting inside our humble abode? It obviously came in through the mirror, but this situation and increasing frequency of these “trances” mixed with the increase of visual phenomena all-around gives me pause.

Of course, I could get to the end of this and find out I’ve been schizophrenic the whole time or something–I only half-joke with myself amid these four walls.

Here is a table of contents for all of the posts I’ve made in regards to this expanded theory-verse that I’ve assembled over the years:


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I did some searches on the forum, and if there is one I missed, I’m definitely interested to be re-directed. I just see people talking about trances and how you “know” you’re in one, but I haven’t seen anything that I would say is similar to what I experienced (but I could be dumb and missed it). Which makes me wonder if these episodes are trances at all… I really thought they were seizures, tbh.

Maybe you’re exhausted. This sounds like micro sleep from sleep deprivation. It’s what causes people to get into violent car wrecks sometimes.

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As always, fren, you come with the #sense. :sunglasses::point_right:t2::point_right:t2: I didn’t think about that, it’s been stressful lately. :thinking: You probably right. I’m just over here being dumb. haha

Thanks fam.

Sure thing, buddy.