Accessing the minds plane

Hi everyone so I’ve read somewhere on here that spirits, demons ect have instant access to someone mind by searching in the minds plane, I’ve also read that this plane was out of time, my question is can a human being access this plane ?? If yes what will it look like ?? Did anyone ever got there ?? Can you master it so it become an instant thing ?? Can it be used to read people’s minds ?? Thanks again and sorry for my bad grammar

You’re speaking about the astral as it’s the mental plane and through such you have access to the collective unconscious. It can be used to dream walk, mental “dive” someone’s mindscape, however yes can be used to read minds but telepathy can do that.


Thanks for the answer, how do you master such a thing, did you master it yourself ?

How do you do those things in the astral? @Velenos

By going there when you have better senses and just doing it. It’s the plane of thought, i.e your imagination, your thoughts, your desires, is what makes things happen.