Accelerated progress of evocation through Channeling

Whenever I sit down to meditate with or without a specific sigil or intention to communicate I naturally begin to feel the tug of my head from one side to another.

It wasn’t until recently that I had confirmation of a separate consciousness attempting to communicate through me.

The specific movement, timing, and almost playfulness of the gestures tells me there must be something else here.

I personally don’t find channelling (as hobby or vocation) very interesting, as I consider it a dry and boring experience, much like being a translator (facilitating other people’s conversation)


I do/ have notice that it is an effective if not crucial step (at least for my own personal journey) into evocational magick and communication with other worldly consciousness.

For example, during a personally divised Azazel ritual, (with nothing more then a tea light and his sigil) I felt the appropriate answers to my questions come through me. Feeling the need to say out loud the words I believed such an entity might speak.

This felt like a temporarily clearer differentiation from my regular thoughts.

Nonetheless I had a specific amount of alcohol and marijuana prior to starting this ritual, as in accordance with experiences I found enlightening in my past.

My questions are as follows:

How do I accelerate these experiences?
How to I make them more potent?
How do I draw a threshold for both the welcoming and excusing of said influences?
How do I cross (what feels like a gorge) between head movements and full sentences?

Can a more casual conversational tone be established with say Azazel, Mammon, Vine, Purson outside of ritual?
(I specifically chose these demons for my current wealth, abundance and material intrerests)

Or is there something (beyond personal psychology and beliefs systems) that the black magician simply cannot avoid in communication with these entities?