Abyssmal Spellcasting

Hey all i am back i got some problems but i fixed them right now i work with ratzatael the demonic infernal priests,i am currently channeling rituals by Ant’harratu,he allowed me to share this.

abyssmal spellcasting

look down at your feet …feel darkness feel the abyss in you and below you

a simple incantacion to call its power is “yahhhnnnnaaa maak’laaanaaa”push that power and energy into your hands and form a ball made of abysmal energies now you can put intent into this like your ideal reality meditate upon it and say “jahn de’dok maa itz lana yaka” after that meditate again to increanse its potency say “yash jashn dak’ma iv’itz dezilos” this is an incantacion to increase the manifestacion of darkness and abyss after it goes in a critical level let the orb absorb the reality as you know it,see darkness and it darkness its both the reality and yet darkness ,for a moment stay in the nothing say “iv solvala kam’ess itz solvala kama’yala derek ven” say this 11 or 3 times .now see the reality that you want forming from nothing(the one that you intent and visualised).be you the unstopable god and powerful sorcerer that created this,know its gonna work push will and power into your creation now meditate on that reality and feel it solidifying seal it with the manta “JJAAAAMMM”

i tell you guys its fucking powerful and fun to work with,i may rattled some things in the text above but it was a bit fraustarating if you guys didnt understanded something tell me.

good night and good reality creations!

sincerely,the messy magician,Xag


Thank you! thank you very much!
I missed your posts!


Wow great to have you back! I was allready worried!!! :sun_with_face:


Thank you both @Nicolas_Tomas colas_tomas


Thank you for sharing!


I’m just curious what things have you done with this? Like are there any limits to what you can do with this? Just curious, because I have done an Ant’Harratu incantation that makes Reality Mellable, so I just wanna know what you can or have already done with this spell?

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