Abusive father out of my life

My father has always been verbally, psychologically and physically abusive. I tried every possible legal way to get help, including numbers who should help women who are victims of violence, but I didn’t get anything and I’m asking here because I’m desperate. I can’t move out because I study and I spend everything I earn (I only work during the weekend) to buy basic things I lack. The only thing I want is that he gets out of my life definitely, I don’t even care about getting a revenge. Is there a particular spell you suggest me to try? I’ve never worked with demons but I performed some spells (to sweeten people romantically, self-love etc so not black magick) without calling any spirit and they worked so far.


That desperation will stop any spell, it seems. Lust for results is magic’s greatest enemy.

Why don’t you aim for something else? Something that gives YOU the means to get away from him. Maybe another job/source of inconme?

Well you could always try Vovins Freezer spell, it’s easy to find here on the search function.

It seems like it gets the job done and fairly easy to do without resorting to the major guns so to speak…

You can also read up on it to gain some more background easily on Google.
Bestt of luck, I’m sure you will succeed!!!

Dark regards

Is your mother in the picture?

Yes. She’s involved and she really doesn’t want the situation to get better, she just wants others to suffer with her. It will go on forever like this and she won’t change anything.

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That’s what I thought, my mind is 24/7 focused on this situation and this lust for results isn’t good at all. I’m thinking about some spells about what you mentioned and I have to figure out what I can possibly change and focus on cause my studies take all my time (internships, classes and individual study) and I feel like I’m stuck. Anyway thank you for your reply!

Have you tried sigil magick? It can be quite powerful if you are able to keep your focus completely on your desired goal