Abusive father and husband takedown

Hi all,
A person I know works at the high school where the son of a woman I used to be involved with goes. Apparently he turned up at school with a bruise on his face. They contacted her but she gave a different explanation than the son did. They suspect that the father has hit him but have no proof if they won’t say. The person who told me used to work for child protective services so knows what abuse looks like and is certain. They asked me because they know I know her. I am doing a chicken feet spell on him but could use some backup. Also evoked Glasya-Labolas. I had my suspicions when I was still talking to her this may have been a possibility but he made her cut off contact with me.


Devil’s advocate, but do you know the entire story? Both sides? I’m not condoning abuse, but frankly, sometimes a boy needs a good smack in the face to make him a man.

Dude, the boy is 13 and the guy is my size (6’3") and no, no physical abuse is ok. One punch can kill.


No,I hear you 100%, and I agree. I’m just saying that at high school age (even at 13) I know what I was like, and a good smack in the mouth probably kept me out of prison on more than a few occasions. Like I said, devil’s advocate.

If this guy is actually abusing them then fry the motherfucker, and bless you for doing so.

Post edit: punches are not okay. I wouldn’t even use magick on him. I would want to feel the packing of flesh and the breaking of bones with my own hands.

If this guy is really hurting a little kid then destroy him at all costs.


I know both the mother and son and even though it’s been 4 years since I spoke I have seen the son out with the father, always walks behind with head hanging. I have seen bruises but without confirmation then nothing can be done by police. I can’t go near either because of what he made her do. So I am doing this. Going to ask people, please if you don’t want to help ignore the thread. Don’t need people trying to change my mind or advocate for mundane means or that it shouldn’t be done. It’s happening regardless. I can’t even explain how angry I am right now. The only reason I don’t go and beat the living shit out of him is because the only person who would get thrown in jail is me. I need him out of their lives ASAP, I don’t want him around them in even a month. They aren’t safe with him. I don’t want to wait until I see a story in the paper about them


Mundane? If you think crushing a man’s skull bones with your bare hands is mundane then you obviously have never done it. Far easier said then done.

Excuses. Be more creative.

I agree with you there.

Just so everyone knows, I mean mundane like go to cops (they can’t do anything) get involved (can’t either - long story) talk to the family and friends (again, not an option). Unfortunately I am serious about the only person being in jail being me, if there was proof of abuse I might get away on a self defense argument but while her and the son don’t admit to being victims of abuse I got nothing I can do

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Do you have the ritual?

I have one I came up with myself. It’s basically an evocation of Belial that also requires a handful of rusty nails, some chili powder, and a clay poppet of your victim. Call up Belial and ask him to brutally punish this abuser. Begin the chant as you form the clay into your enemy. See the clay becoming him/her and feel that they are in your hands as the clay doll. Lay it onto the altar and begin to stab the doll with the nails. One after the other stick them into the doll whilst in a state of hatred. Chant Belials name while you hiss and rage at the doll, see the victim’s life spiraling out of control ultimately resulting in your desire, death of otherwise. Once the rage has been exhausted, take the doll and either let it dry and once it has, smash it to pieces, or bury it at a crossroads or a place of power.


Sorry, never saw the “if you dont want to help ignore this thread”

Nick, I grew up without a father by his own choice. It did me no harm and I can truly say I am a better person for not having him in my life. Violence increases over time if not stopped. If he is still a presence in the boys’ life there is the possibility of it happening at any time. He will also have a long term effect on the boy if he is abusive to the mother as well. The man has little to no respect for women, this I already know. If son ends up like the father because of contact, it perpetuates the cycle.

Well, I cant day I disagree. My parents got divorced when I was 11, we were better off without him.

However he has changed 6 years since, a much better person. Just keep in mind ones ability to change, while they still breath.

Assuming the change is positive and more damage is possible

You can only hope its positive.

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Hope can at times feel like a prison…bondage of sorts…liberation sometimes found within apathy. Depolarization. What is…simply is. Let it be. Become.

We need em all (types of people)…so. What would my cynic abstract ass know?

Ehhh… Beautifully said…if only we were all on the page.

Going a bit off-topic now, friendly request to only get replies on the topic as OP requested, working threads are not referendums. :+1:

Cheers! :smiley:


Sorry, my bad

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That’s why we curse them and hide the evidence. And have no shame or guilt over it.