Abramelin Operation


I finished the Questing for Visions book, and was particularly interested in the Abramelin Operation. I was wondering if there were similar operations like this, one that allows me to still be able to progress in the normal world while achieving the core of what this operation talks of. I am not very active socially to begin with, being somewhat of a hermit for the past four years (from the age of 21-25). I also already eat nothing but raw plant food, and am moving towards a liquid fasting program at the moment. I just thought it would be a good time to have a complimentary spiritual devotional practice as well.

However, if I was even thinking of possessing the type of isolation proposed in Abramelin, I would need to at least be able to run other magic operations to aid with finances. So I would like to know what some folks have to say about the process, and perhaps how it can be approached in a less extreme manner (IDK, it’s just that when it comes to old grimoires and their extremes, usually reads as extremes=superfluous). Also I practice a form of energy raising and circulation that involves sexual stimulation, and as far as I can discern this is not cool with the Abramelin Operation. So I was wondering what around has a similar purpose as the Abramelin Operation.


There’s the book “21st Century Mage” by Augustus Newcomb that focuses on simpler methods than the Abremalin Ritual through which you can evoke your HGA.

Also here is an interesting series of texts on attaining the Knowledge and Conversation of your Holy Guardian Angel in case that you don’t have the financial backup to pull it off according to the original instructions of Abramelin: http://www.myoccultcircle.com/the-everyday-path-to-your-hga/


[quote=“Dimitris, post:2, topic:820”]There’s the book “21st Century Mage” by Augustus Newcomb that focuses on simpler methods than the Abremalin Ritual through which you can evoke your HGA.

Also here is an interesting series of texts on attaining the Knowledge and Conversation of your Holy Guardian Angel in case that you don’t have the financial backup to pull it off according to the original instructions of Abramelin: http://www.myoccultcircle.com/the-everyday-path-to-your-hga/[/quote]

Brother Dimitris (I am assuming you are a man with that name, forgive me if I might be wrong) this is very much appreciated!! Gratitude


Metatron: You know, financial capacity for an extended period of solitude is actually very approachable, especially if you live in the developed world. I’m not sure how long the period is, but if you were to put all your belongings in storage (or sell them), and then go live on a primitive piece of dirt in a camp trailer or tent, it really would cost very very little. You can squat on BLM land for free as long as you aren’t obvious about it or move every few weeks. Then you only have to worry about food/water and basics - a few months of hard work at a menial job could easily equip you for the task. :slight_smile:


Well the tent idea is great if you got somewhat stable weather, and hell man I ain’t even gonna front like I’m Superman. It’s cold as hell right now, but if I lived somewhere where it was warm all the time… dude, I probably woulda ditched normal living altogether at least for some extended period of time. But I’ve got to keep it real, being here in Chicago, I got to find a way of reaching this type of work while I’m still here, know what I mean?


As stated above “21st Century Mage” offers a lot of alternate methods and even gives the original method as well. Many paths to the same goal. The whole operation isn’t so much following it to a tee, more along the lines of getting into the necessary states with intent.


Well, if you’re isolating yourself anyway, it isn’t that much harder to drive 10-20 hours to be somewhere to make it happen - the Sonoran desert in Arizona is supposed to be a pretty powerful place energetically and is much more moderate this time of year, for example. Or even ride a bus for that matter. :slight_smile: Could probably rent a very rustic cabin in your location of choice for a pretty cheap price as well.

But, I don’t know what your ritual/experience even entails. Just thought I’d make a suggestion to help you make it happen.


I just picked up that 21st Century Mage and will get that cracked open! Thanks folks I really appreciate the ideas… The Sonoran you say. I could definitely find a way out there by bus… Much gratitude I seriously appreciate you guys throwing your ideas out there.


Metatron777 if you read the book and you’d like to tell us your opinion about it I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.


Sure, I actually finished it a while ago, probably two days after posting this. The book does help to clarify a bit about some of the aspects, and how they have been taken out of context. For example, the idea of absolute isolation, although helpful, is never really instructed in the book (I have never read Abramelin, I’m getting this from the book). What I got from it is that the whole were a few key characteristics:

  1. When “praying”, it must be done with inflamed passion. Prayer, however, can be anything that you can that generates this inflamed passion, an energetic activity with one-pointed focus on union with the HGA. Trying to get inflamed over things that have little to no value to you is pretty useless, so thinking that one has to use Judeo-Christian prayers hold little, if any merit.

  2. There are plenty of entities that will attempt to mimic the HGA, so the ability to discern an impostor from the real deal is necessary.

  3. Number 2 can be avoided if you exercise some patience and actually train certain skills like astral travel, or have an open communicating ability with spirits. Therefore, being a flat out beginner to magic is probably not a good idea, especially if you have no skill or ability to work with magic.

  4. There is a sense of "purity: that one is supposed to instill in order to gain this conversation with the HGA.

SO it’s basically a devotional focused one-pointed on this HGA. One can further garner the connection by also making everyday actions like eating, drinking, or bathing, as ritual acts focused on the union with the HGA.

Aside from this, the book is a bit New Age, as that there is general lauding of this attainment as some sort of ultimate goal. Certain techniques he put in the book didn’t really seem too informative, but this is only with a few of the techniques he mentioned, like astral travel and Zen techniques.

From this book, I also get the sense that one could possibly stand to speed up the interaction if 1) the skill is there and 2) they devote more time in the day. The prayer, which is supposed to be the focal point aside from purity, which is really purity in thought on the one goal rather than some other ideal, is only said twice a day at the beginning and the end of the day. For someone like myself, with fare more time on my hands, I would have to do more just tho stay immersed. No matter if I was alone or not, if I got time to spend doing this work over something else, it makes sense to do that work.

So for those interested, creating something that can cause you to focus on that ideal for a prolonged devotional period will work. I created a way through travelling through the Chakras to the Bindu-point of the Sahasara where the HGA lies. I’m taking somewhat of a Tantric, shamanistic view of the operation as a marriage of sorts, and also as a subsequent act of ascension. One other aspect of the operation is a riding of momentum, with increased intensity for each of the advancing periods of time in the operation.

The thing is, whether someone really feels the need to do this… I’m not sure it’s an essential experience. I mean, even the thing I’m doing, it has a lot more upsides to it that just this interaction. It’s really more of a Chakra devotional and energy body merging rather than a flatout, nothing-else-matters work. The HGA is the culmination of the work, the endpoint, even though the HGA will be in conversation with me throughout the entire time.

This is just my thoughts on it, I wouldn’t go running out to the hills trying to get the book if that is what you mean. But if you are really trying to find out how to abstract away from the Judeo-Christian emphasis, you would do well to pick it up, or perhaps look up information on the concept of shamanic tutelary spirits.