Abrahamic God

I he real?
I mean our consciousness is one thing, but the physical world does it have a maker?

I understand that at a consciousness level, the void tends to rule, but what about on the physical level and the spiritual? Remember, I am a newb and I seek knowledge.

What you will receive will be the limited gnosis of humans like you, like has happened for 2000 years

There is more than enough evidence to support the big bang theory, so I feel confident to say that the universe doesn’t need a designer or creator of any sort. So, the question is, does it matter if the abrahamic god exists?

Is an idea, but ideas should never be understimated. Plato knew it: ideas hold an insane amount of power, yes, but from a practical point of view I don’t think it matters.

Also… I don’t think anyone here (or anywhere else) can give you an absolute answer.


Well, as an omnist I believe in the existence of all gods. The ‘God’ they talk about being omniscient, omnipitent, and omnipresent would be what I consider source. But Jehova/YHVH/Yahwe does exist in my beliefs. However, he is very different than what Abrahamic religion make him out to be. He isn’t any of those omni things. Powerful yes, but not ‘The God’. If you’re thinking that just because he exists he can send you to hell- no. I believe that when you die you go where you believe you’re going to go, or you reincarnate. This is just my opinion and nothing can be proven in this physical realm for certain.

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The Abrahamic God in his original mythology was never the creator of the earth, he was the God of the sky and war, he protected the pantheon with the heavenly body/his angels.

The void doesn’t “rule” either, on a physical level the big bang has shown more evidence, on a spiritual level no one, this world is a “free-zone” in my opinion given the many faiths, pantheons, none of the aboves that reside here.

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