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Hope I post this in the right place, still not completely home with the new forum design.

I have a question Kurtis, in your book do we need to get things that are very hard to come by, ingredients or tools that are nearly impossible to find? And must someone need to initiate us into this current?
For example in EAs book, spider and the green butterfly one need initiation to fully use the Vodoun current, and for the altar get a human skull of a criminal; to find that skull is hard, and to buy an ordinary human skull costs 2500 dollars… So, are there things like that in your book that will be a hindering for us so we can’t go all in?


No there are not elements which are too hard to come by my friend. Some effort is needed yes, but this is for the sake of the simple investment of energy. Here are two examples (I believe the only examples) of elements which you might consider “Hard to come by”.

The first example is for the Altar of Blackened Fire. It requires certain sympathetic elements to be placed within the urn such as grave dirt and human bone powder. These are available and affordable at Luciferian Apotheca if you can’t find them and not much is needed. The hardest element to find is soil taken from a tree which has been struck by lightening. This is needed because the soil is charged with the elemental power of Azi-Dahaka/Zohak the Three-Headed Dragon and Storm fiend. This “lightening charged soil” is what sends our sorcery through the veil for manifestation. It is charged with REAL tangible and physical power. It also represents the “Black Earth” and Ahrimans strategy to destroy the illusion of the tree of life. If there is no death… there is no life. There is only becoming and this takes knowledge.

The second is used within an alchemical rite which prepares one for the Rites of Envocation to obtain the Garb of Darkness. Envocation is reverse possession. Instead of the demon possessing us making our bodies vehicles for their power, we possess them making their spiritual consciousness vehicles for our will to expand consciousness to empower our counter creative efforts. To perform this alchemical initiation the essence of Ahriman is evoked according to tradition and he is asked to send forth a toad familiar to be sacrficed. The why and how is answered in the book itself. Trust me this has practical purpose.

The very bones of the toad become the bones of Angra Mainyu and they can be used for many sorcerous purposes, In this case you need to simply wait to encounter the animal. Then you have to catch the fucker. Lol! If one MUST, then a toad could be bought but it will take the edge of the focus and intent of the rite.

So my answer is simple. Elements are not impossible to obtain at all and it will not put you in the poor house. The investment is in effort regarding this current. Ahriman seeks to create real world change and to do that things have to be feasible and practical. A lot of this effort is in exercising creative power and this also is practical. “As above so below”… as you exercise your ability to create in an artistic fashion your spiritual power to create reality is enhanced. You become an artist of the life experience. One example of this artistic effort is the Circle of Counter-Creation. This is not something we could effectively sell because the process of creating it is what connects the sorcerer to the power. It cannot be put on cloth as having these seals placed in their proper sequence would lead to a permanent open door which is undesirable. Each seal is crafted by hand and they act as individual altars in and of themselves.


Well, truth be told, it’s not easy to find a tree struck by lighting but I guess it’s worth the effort. Also the toad ritual that you mentioned, is it similar to the rite of the waters of the moon included in “Queen of Hell” by Mark Alan Smith?


No it is not similar. Listen. Be sure to know I am not being disrespectful here. I truly desire to help others and better this world which is why I must be honest. Effort and energy is the most important magickal ingredient in any spell or alchemical rite of magick. These things are present within the current because they are outlets for this energy built directly into the rites themselves to ensure success. If you can’t take a few days to go hiking in the woods to find a tree struck by lightening, then you may want to reconsider sorcery as your chosen path because it is going to be very hard to find success and this will hinder belief. To go through the motions and claim to practice something you do not believe in is what Christians do for the most part. Contemplate that.

This “Have it your way right away” approach to magick and life in general is what has led humanity into the very enslavement we seek to overcome. None of this work has anything in common with anyone else’s work. I mean yes if his rite has a toad in it that is a common denominator.

I say these things with perfect love and perfect trust, and truly this is not to be disrespectful. I am just pointing out fundamental truths.


Also please realize that these Dark Gods use these kinds of things to simply get people out of the fuckin house and into nature where the power of synchronicity and experience of beauty and potential can be found. I know grown ass men who spend hours a day playing video games. Then we wonder why humanity is so dumbed down? Cmon…


The comment about the tree was meant to be more of a joke, but I totally get what you are talking about here and honestly thanks for being so honest and for taking the time to give advice to the not so advanced people around here. In the end, in situations like this, it’s better to tell the truth even if it’s harsh than to sugarcoat it. But, since you mentioned it, I won’t lie about it, I tend to be lazy a lot of the time and it’s a negative trait of mine that I’m trying to get rid of it. I’ve made some progress but I’m not there yet. I hope I didn’t upset you with the toad rite comment, it was genuine, spontaneous question that came to mind as I was reading your post.


No you did not upset me at all my friend. I just get worried that the truth will hurt others sometimes or discourage them as that is not my aim. Check out my thread on Exercising Creative Power and use it as inspiration to fuel you! You can do this… trust me. IF I CAN… ANYONE CAN… trust me. LMAO!


In regard to the “Toad Rite” it is way more ancient than Marks version, but even still this rite is much different than both of those. The toad is an ancient symbol of Ahriman and in the Rite presented upon the Path of Smoke the powers of Arezura are compelled to possess the toad before it is sacrificed and then the blood of the toad becomes a fluid gateway for these said dark collective powers. The blood is spilled upon self and the fluid gateway begins to operate on the subtle energy bodies making you more capable of handling the strong currents of energy experienced in Rites of Envocation or reverse possession.


Oh I have three tree’s outside struck by lightning :blush:


Thanks taking the time to answer us brother :blush:


It is an honor. It is a part of my great work.


Not many people invest the amount of energy you do brother
Can’t wait until your book is available.
One other question, there is no censorship or blinds in the book like in the spider and the green butterfly book?


All of the information is straight forward. If the information is applied much more will be revealed between the lines. Remember that the work is a means to connect with these forces so YOU can learn from THEM. I am just the conduit my man. The book is the path but the scenery is yours to explore. This is however an occult book. Gnosis is achieved through the application of the work.


So in other words… No absolutely not. No blinders are in place. All that is required is effort toward application which is the key that unlocks the abysmal gates of Arezura.


Hi Kurtis, I’m am really looking forward to your book am I’m just wondering if there is any kind of preparation I could do in the month (or two, I’m in Australia, so it’ll still have to get here) leading up to it’s release. I’m sure you don’t want to give too much away, but is there any kind of meditation, rituals, daily work, etc you could suggest to prepare specifically for your system?

Much appreciated.


I cannot really get too specific here my friend. One meditation process which would be helpful in the beginning is described with great detail within the book and it is called Peering into Drugaskan, which is the deepest darkest pit of Arezura. This is where the dark night of the soul experience occurs regarding initiation of its mysteries through the guidance of the gatekeeper Vizaresh.


This exercise is one subtle aspect of the “world alchemy” present within the tome. I advise upon studying the work to consciously open your mind to the realization of these elements within the work. Through experience the Divs will guide you in this, but it helps me sleep at night to constantly reiterate this.[quote=“KurtisJoseph, post:16, topic:9933”]
Remember that in theory reality cannot exist outside of the observer. Therefore, to erase it from perception is to weaken it and make it more malleable. The more people do this exercise the less hold the limits of this world may have upon us as a collective. It is a powerful dynamic.


Thanks Kurtis, this is a tremendous answer. While I’m not normally too distracted by shiny things, it is good to have something specific to work with other than just anticipation in the months ahead. The east coast is plagued with storms at the moment (which now seems very fortuitous) plus I have two cemeteries an uncomfortable walking distance from my house for the soil.

Thank you for replying, most people aren’t so invested in their audience. We all appreciate it.


Yes when you find the tree obtain enough soil to fill the urn. The amount depends upon what size vessel you use. SOmething a decent size is useful as burying candles and talismans helps to charge them with the forces of darkness.


Also remember this… with no audience my work would be useless. Without an audience no one could apply my work and change this world. My audience will ALWAYS be my priority. I am just getting started.