About working with Lady Lilith

I need some advice about this. I’ve been working with Lady Lilith since a year. I have a question. How often is needed for work with her? I am meditating on her listening her chant while I am sleeping and doing sex magick mixed with candle magick, but this it not daily. Is this enough for make strong my bond with her? Thank you!


Work with her as much as you need to.
If your having trouble or doubting, work on yourself to make communication clearer.
Changing subconciouse thoughts, doubt, fear, belief. And do any self empowering rituals you can.

Having trouble seeing her? Create a form in your mind of what she might look like to you. Picture this image when meditating and see where it takes you.

Practice invoking her during the day, to get to know her, what she likes, how she sees things, ask for advice, be honest with her.

Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach
Id chant this at work with the intention of being partialy possessed. At times It was a bit to much energy. Interesting experience.


Could we talk in pm?

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Ama Lilith is a Gatekeeper can be invoked daily if she wants to, evoked as oft as you need for magic. Lilith is the mother of witches.


I thought that was hekate

Hi there Seph,
the Lady of the Gate is an old Archetype of the Gatekeeper and there is Lilith, Hecate, Eisheth Zenunim, Nahemoth, Astaroth… guarding the portal to the Other Side

That’s excellent cause every deity works differently and responds to special needs. A woman who was abused for years could work excellently with Nahemoth and enjoy the healing energy, her love, her touchings, Nahemoth is a wonderful loving tender Gatekeeper. A woman who feels the self empowerment, is beside a witch also a Businesswoman has a better link to Hecate. A strong woman that needs to center on work, family, household could be in synergy with Lilith. Astaroth is very powerful and chooses more people with career in social work, arts or something what has to do with masses of people.



You need to feel this for yourself.
Doing a dedication rite out of love for Lilith is something which can make her have your back for lifetimes.
There are people out there not even realizing she’s around them not even really delving into magic.
Lilith was around before i even knew well enough what alchemy ment

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I meant the mother of the witches… At least, as you said it.

If you mean Ama Lilith or Hekate i understand tje confusion yes since Ama Lilith is the side of Lilith which is the most interchangeble with Hekate, or at least from my perspective.
As @Rav also mentioned, Naamah’s gatekeeper aspect aswell.
I dont feel them as archetypes but as beings with a conciense very different then us.
They are very close affiliated but their agendas, aura, vibrations and energetic levels are different imo



Once your contact is called, your presence becomes more daily.
Make a prayer of greeting and another of invocation with red fruits and a beautiful wine, or champagne, incense and background music, after finishing, repeat the procedure. Agios Lilith word in your mind or voice. High in thought to feel your energy and manifest your presence, red candle is recommended, but if it is for a ritual to remove some negativity or something to use sycumbos or imcubos, the best is black, and so you will have her presence. idel is at 3 am to try to contact her.

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