About to perform my first curse. (input is appreciated)


I am sitting here with circle prepared and ready to send my first curse with pure intent to end my step fathers life

He is currently in prison for multiple reasons I won’t get in to but he has held me at gun point in the past and I still feel his negative thoughts on me.

Now my ritual involves calling forth Ambrosia to embody myself with the nectar of immortality. There are three reasons for this. One, I figured a deity associated with immortality can also influence the mortality of my stepfather. Two,My Step father is hypoglycaemic which means if he consumes too much sugar, he can die. since ambrosia is nectar and related to sugary food, she is a good entity for the job. Lastly lycurgus was a mad man who killed his son and attacked Ambrosia in that fitting rage. I feel like the metaphor is perfect for this occasion almost as if this was meant to be.

I know for certain an entity is with me based on the activities around me. I just posted because of some uncertainties with a guilty conscience(pricked my ring finger on the keyboard as I typed and drew blood). I should start this curse soon, any input is much appreciated.

I like to mention I am also drinking red wine imbued with the intention of it being the nectar of immortality.

This is done. Not going ahead with the ritual.

Anything we can help with?

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but the Greek deity Ambrosia is not a goddess of immortality. She is an unfortunately named Nymph that causes rain. Actual ambrosia does cause immortality, but it is a substance, not a deity.

You could call on Ameretat, who is actually a deity of immortality.