About to lose my SHIT!

Its, different for me… When I get, deep into meditation… Feel like my head’ll flip… Every thought comes in magnified

That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling. I tend to hole up in my library and do nothing but read.

I’m not experienced in astrology to be honest, there are others way more experienced. Though I always look up on the stars/asteroids/planets/constellations since I very often get answers from there I never expected to get and that’s what I try to teach my (few) students as I learn along as well.

From my limited knowledge through observation (and If I’m wrong, someone more experienced please correct me) is that what’s most important isn’t so much that a planet is retrograding, no that’s just the general energies. Where the planet is positioned at that time is what matters. So when for example Mercury retrogrades in Cancer (like it does right now), look on your chart for which house is under Cancer’s rule. That’s where you will feel a lot of these energies coming up.

Jupiter retrogrades in Capricorn
Saturn retrogrades in Capricorn
Neptune retrogrades in Pisces
Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn

And if you counts asteroids too (you better!), Chiron (the Wounded Healer) retrogrades in Aries and Ceres (universal mother, love and loss) since July 7th retrogrades in Pisces. So look up on those energies and how they will affect you personally.

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I had it this week (the energy of this full moon will stay longer), I almost lost it on Thursday. Besides that I’m high sensitive.

Remember there are much retrogrades this year + what we are doing is getting our energy on a higher vibration. If you do this, energy changes will have a bigger effect on you. So you’ve got the retrogrades, full moon and this Covid19 crisis. These all are causes of mood swings, energy dip etc…

K. Thanks! I’ll have to look more into this stuff!:+1:

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Mars won’t RX till Sept. 10th and is currently in Aries, where he rules.

I’m also very Martian, like bulls eye Martian and fire energies, but It doesn’t seem to affect me in any way all this cosmic chaos :joy:

You are correct. I made an error in my calculation. However, Mars in Aries can also cause some of the same issues, particularly when in its home sign.

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